Looking Back at an Unforgettable 2022


This year has been an incredible one for Examity! From updating the names of our products, to our website relaunch, to events and webinars, our journey brought us to new and exciting places.

Let’s recap 2022 with some of our highlights:

New product names
Examity provides every organization with the flexibility to choose the best proctoring option for them, with the right level of security and test-taker support. We changed the names of our product offerings to better reflect their key differences and features, and to help communicate which type of proctoring would work best for their exams.

You can read more about our offerings, and the reasons behind their name changes, using these links:

Examity’s website relaunch
Our organization didn’t just experience big changes – our website did, too. We revamped our entire site, incorporating a fresh theme and making information more accessible and easier to find. In addition, we continually added important, informative, and up-to-date content.

Accommodations updates
The need for accommodations in online testing is growing rapidly, because every learner should have equal access to high-quality education. We have made accommodation updates to Examity’s platform to better assist test-takers and test sponsors. These changes provide a more comprehensive and efficient method to adding and managing accommodations.

A more seamless testing experience
Examity places great importance in creating a positive test-taking experience. Which is why we’ve created innovations to help make the exam process easier and smoother for our users, including:

  • Our automatic system check
    Taking a system check with Examity has never been easier. To perform a system check, the test-taker simply needs to log into the Examity dashboard. There, the check will automatically run, showing if the test-taker passes or not. If one or more parts of the system fail to pass, the test-taker will be given critical information about what is needed for their system to be ready to test with us.

  • Support agent chat in the Examity sidebar
    Quick, easy access to support for test-takers from the moment they get connected is now available from within the Examity sidebar. By using this chat feature, our support team is able to answer inquiries at a faster rate than by email or phone.

  • Our “Report Your Experience” survey
    At Examity, we’re very receptive to feedback. We use it to improve our products and services, so that we can provide positive and seamless test-taking experiences for everyone. Through this tool, test-takers and test sponsors can report problems they encountered during the testing process, or other experiences or concerns. 

Events and webinars
Our team has sponsored, and has presented sessions at, many incredible conferences around the world, from Bett in London to OLC Accelerate in Orlando. Every event provides an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and connect with industry experts and professionals.

We have also hosted and moderated several insightful webinars throughout the year. Thought leaders from Examity, Epic, Caveon, and MEEC explored topics relevant to online proctoring and online learning, giving viewers access to information that can’t be found anywhere else. 

At Examity, we consider ourselves partners to our clients and extensions of their testing programs. We have built new partnerships while also strengthening our relationships with our current clients. The journeys of how some of our successful collaborations were established can be read by downloading our case studies

Between our blogs, newsletters, and more, we’ve provided countless resources and materials for learning about Examity, online proctoring, and online learning. Our blogs give an inside look into our team and organization, along with informative articles and thought leadership from Examity experts. And, signing up for our newsletters means getting access to the materials that you want.

2022 brought many amazing changes and valuable opportunities, and we’re looking forward to what the new year brings. See you in 2023!