Product Level Spotlight: Live Proctoring


We explored both of our automated solutions, as well as Live Authentication + Audit, in our previous Product Level Spotlights. While they’re all secure online proctoring modalities for your remote exams, if an exam requires a higher level of security, it may be best to choose Examity’s Live Proctoring offering. Live Proctoring is our most secure option, using college educated, human proctors to monitor and review the entire exam and perform a human audit after it is finished. This ensures the ultimate security for your exams.


Why is Live Premium now called Live Proctoring?
We believe that the name Live Premium did not clearly convey this option’s features, and our live solutions’ former names were too similar to each other. Live Authentication + Audit only uses live proctors before and after the exam, while Live Proctoring uses a live proctor throughout the entire testing session. Now, their new names highlight their significant features and help differentiate the two modalities.

What types of exams, and level of security, would Live Proctoring be best suited for?
Live Proctoring is optimal for high stakes, high security exams. For example, this option would be the perfect fit for certification exams, or exams that determine admission into selective programs, such as the GMAT exam. 

What features does Live Proctoring not provide?
Live Proctoring does not include any of our automated features, such as automated authentication and automated proctoring. However, those are not needed during a live proctored test, because a live, human proctor is used in place of automated processes.

What features does Live Proctoring offer?
This solution provides many industry-leading features, including:

  • Live, low-ratio proctoring
    With Examity, only one proctor is used throughout an entire exam. The proctor will observe the authentication and testing sessions, and review them after the test-taker completes an exam. To help ensure greater exam security and test-taker satisfaction, we always keep our test-taker-to-proctor ratio low. At an average of 2:1, it’s the lowest in the industry. And, in many cases, it’s 1:1. Having to monitor only one or two test-takers lets the proctor provide undivided attention towards them and effectively monitor their behavior, as well as each exam session. 
  • Real-time, on-screen support
    During a Live Proctored exam, a proctor is there to provide interactive support to the test-taker, if necessary. Examity’s proctors are highly trained and technologically apt, so their abilities, along with our low-proctor ratio, allow them to provide superior test-taker support. 
  • Human audit
    After an exam has taken place, both the proctor and the auditing team review the authentication and exam sessions, adding an additional layer of security. Examity’s auditing team is extensively trained in the exam review process and provides quality assurance. Our auditors work to ensure that all flagged violations are correct, along with reviewing other areas where there may be violations.
  • Live ID authentication
    A live proctor will perform live authentication of the test-taker and their environment before the test-taker begins their exam. First, the proctor will certify the test-taker’s identity by confirming their name and that their photo ID matches the one on file. Then, the proctor will review the rules of the exam with the test-taker. Finally, if required, the proctor will authenticate the test-taker’s testing environment by requesting a 360° room pan and desk sweep using the test-taker’s webcam.
  • Flagged violations with video and immediate exam intervention
    The test-taker’s computer screen and the exam session will be recorded. Meanwhile, the proctor will flag any occurrences of unusual activity or potential cheating. If needed, the proctor can intervene if they notice these incidents during the testing session. They may ask the test-taker to perform another room pan and desk sweep or to close out of certain applications, and they can also pause and resume the exam.
  • Reporting and analytics
    After the auditing team’s final review, video files of the exam process will be released to the test sponsor’s dashboard. Violation reports containing flags of specific test-taker activity can be reviewed by the test sponsor, who can click on hyperlinks to jump to the times when the flags occurred. The flags also contain instructions by the Examity account management team on how to assess, and address, these occurrences. Other insightful reporting and data on test-taker activity, and more, can be accessed by all of our clients via our partner portal.

No matter which proctoring option you choose, all of them can be tailored to fit your organization’s needs. If you’re eager to learn more about our Live Proctoring option, as well as the other proctoring modalities that we provide, please visit our Automated Solutions and Live Solutions pages. Or, you can reach out to us today.

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