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Examity and MEEC: How to Optimize Your Online Proctoring Experience


Recorded September 2022

Presenter: Margaret Greenfield, VP of Business Development, Examity

Whether you are new to online proctoring or have been using it for years, one thing is for sure; one size does not fit all. The needs of students, faculty, and administrators can vary. The key to success is to ensure the online proctoring experience is optimized for each test. We will discuss tips for success and best practices to help you optimize your online proctoring experience. Experts from Examity, a leader in online proctoring, will talk about how to choose the solution that is right for you, why ongoing communication is so important, and how to establish effective exam rules to ensure a better experience for everyone. There will be a brief demo at the end of the presentation so attendees can become more familiar with the Examity solution. With additional Q&A, attendees will leave this session with clear insights on how to approach online proctoring at their institution.