Reporting & Data

Curious to see how many test-takers have scheduled their exams or what violations have occurred to date? At Examity, all clients receive access to our partner portal where they can easily access all proctoring data. From exam completion rates, to violation reports and video files, our robust reporting provides you with the information you need to immediately assess and address test-taker activity.

Reports we offer include:

  •  Test Summary: A complete overview of scheduled and unscheduled appointments with a drill down of the details.
  • Wait Times: Proof we really do offer the lowest wait times in the industry, our wait time report shows the time it takes for a test-taker to connect to a proctor.
  • Launch Times: How are your test-takers progressing through the Examity authentication process? Launch time is a good report to assess the time it takes for your students to complete the authentication process.
  • Daily & Monthly Exam Count: What day and month are busiest? With the Daily and Monthly Exam Count reports, you have complete visibility into the number of exams completed by hour, by day, and by month.
  • Evaluations: What do test-takers think of our service? Through our evaluation reporting process, test-takers are prompted to take a short survey after exam completion. Within this report you’ll receive a satisfaction rating along with feedback on what test-takers like, or don’t like, about our service.

Need to save a report?
Once a report is run, you have the option of downloading or emailing it.