Our Team

It takes an experienced and trusted workforce to successfully proctor more than three million exams each year. Our team consists of the most forward-thinking, strategic, and innovative professionals in the industry. Examity’s commitment to preserving and protecting the integrity of your exams, while also providing industry-leading support, begins with our people. You can feel secure that our team is working hard to ensure your program’s success.

Senior Leadership

Jim Holm

Executive Officer

Nick Malone

Financial Officer

Paiman Nodoushani

Technology Officer

Rachel Schoenig

Science Officer

Shailu Tipparaju

Chief Innovation Officer

Jon Jensen

Senior Vice President

Bill West

Bill West

Senior Vice President
 Business Development

Jamie Fredette

Vice President
Professional Services

Kurt Grabner

Vice President 
Center Operations

Sue Kaminski

Vice President
Client Success

Ryan Leer

VP, Business Development Education

Sarah Pauling

Vice President

Ingrid Smith

Vice President
Human Resources

Steve Winicki

Vice President
Business Development

Employee Spotlight

Everyone plays an integral role in our success here at Examity. And with an ever-expanding team of experienced professionals all around the globe, we understand our wide-ranging talent is a key contributor to our industry-leading proctoring solutions. Here are just a few of the many personalities who help Examity stand out from the rest:

Matt Cohen

Client Success Manager

Byinna Crowder

Director, Business Development

Cara Shannon

Senior Marketing Manager

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