Technology Partners

At Examity, we believe in a seamless user experience that means providing a best-in-class integration with your system, regardless of the platform. Our flexibility ensures a smooth workflow for your system today, and in the future.

Technology Partners

At Examity, we believe in a seamless user experience that means providing a best-in-class integration with your system, regardless of the platform. Our flexibility ensures a smooth workflow for your system today, and in the future.

Test Platforms

Area9 Lyceum brings together more than two decades of learning research and advanced computer science in its next-generation learning platforms for K-12, higher education, and workforce education. As a leader in personalized and adaptive learning, as well as comprehensive infrastructure for learning engineering, design, delivery and analytics at scale, Area9 Lyceum enables clients to realize the future of personalized, multidimensional learning: mastery-based learning. A mastery-based approach enables learners to become proficient in the knowledge and skills that are highly relevant to them, their teams, and organizations. The technologies developed by Area9 are used by millions of learners of all ages and by leading organizations and companies around the world.

bizExaminer is a global enterprise-grade e-assessment solution built in Europe and is fully integrated with Examity. The solution enables its customers to execute stress-free digital examinations, powered by a high-performance backend and an extremely robust and stable architecture. bizExaminer is highly customizable and is proven to integrate successfully with every existing IT infrastructure. It supports a large variety of e-assessment use-cases and end-to-end testing processes without the need for any workarounds.

Caveon offers a highly customizable range of consulting services and technology solutions—all designed with test security in mind. Examity has a re-seller agreement to offer Caveon’s item banking and delivery solution through a single unified contract.

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Elsevier is passionate about healthcare education. In everything they do, their goal is to prepare today’s students for successful careers in medicine, nursing, and health professions. They accomplish this by providing institutions, educators, and students with world-class content and innovative teaching and learning technology. Their education solutions deliver data and analytics for improving student and program outcomes. They are a trusted partner in improving health care by helping develop the most capable and caring professionals possible.

risr/’s mission is to ‘help improve and save lives through technology’. They have been dedicated to that mission by developing software to support medical education organisations internationally.

Their platforms offer lifelong learning and assessment, tracking the journey from candidate application through to high-stakes exams and specialist medical training.

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HumRRO is an industry leader in developing high-stakes operational assessments used for human capital management, hiring and promotion, credentialing, and leadership evaluation, as well as in providing evidence-based solutions in educational, business, governmental, and military contexts.

Password tests were originally created in 2008 to support and speed up international admission processes for universities. Since then, our mission has extended to offering all educational sectors, government bodies and employers online English language and maths tests designed by world leading experts in assessment. Password tests have proven to have extremely high levels of accuracy and are now used by hundreds of organisations all over the world. Working in partnership with Examity, we are now also able to provide secure and reliable at home testing.

Prolydian’s “one-stop-shop” makes it easy to manage all facets of your certification program(s). With integrated item banking, test delivery, and candidate management, Prolydian’s easy-to-use platform can support key program stakeholders including item writers, subject-matter experts, candidates, psychometricians, test sponsors, auditors, continuing education providers, and support staff. Prolydian seamlessly integrates with Examity remote proctoring solutions for a superior candidate user experience.

Questionmark provides a secure enterprise-grade assessment platform and professional services to leading organizations around the world, delivered with care and unequalled expertise. Questionmark is a reseller of Examity’s online proctoring solution. 

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Surpass Assessment is a global provider of assessment services and technology. The “Surpass” assessment platform is a turnkey solution powering the development and delivery of tests for credentialing and licensure organizations, K-12 institutions, higher education, state government agencies and national testing programs across the world. Securely delivering over 25 million tests in test centers or through secure online proctoring, the Surpass item bank and test driver is one of the most trusted and advanced technologies available in the market.

TrueAbility is validating employability for the 21st century workforce. The company is the de facto platform for IT certification and digital skill assessment, leveraging performance-based technology to prove if an individual can do the job, in the most sought-after fields.

Learning Management Systems

Blackboard is a leading EdTech company, serving higher education, K-12, business and government clients around the world. They connect a deep understanding of education with the power of technology to continuously push the boundaries of learning. Their mission is to advance learning together with the world’s education community, so that all students, educators and institutions can realize their goals today and prepare for tomorrow.

The Canvas Learning Management Platform delivers an open, extensible learning ecosystem that allows institutions to build the digital learning environment that meets their unique challenges. Canvas simplifies teaching, elevates learning, and eliminates the headaches of supporting and growing traditional learning technologies.

D2L is transforming the way the world learns – helping learners of all ages achieve more than they dreamed possible. D2L’s products, partners and vast ecosystem supports millions of people learning online and in person. Their growing global workforce is driven to make learning products that will transform our world by making technology more human.

The imc Learning Suite is one of the most comprehensive e-learning solutions on the market and yet easy to use. Combining LMS and LXP, the software allows administrators to manage every aspect of learning and development while providing a smooth learning experience for users. Classroom or digital, social, on the job, blended, mobile or adaptive learning based on artificial intelligence, our 360° LMS is designed to create digital learning environments according to customers’ personal needs. You can manage all your learning processes in a single system, fully integrated with your IT ecosystem.

Moodle is the world’s most customizable and trusted online learning solution including Moodle LMS, the open source platform used by hundreds of millions of learners globally, Moodle Workplace, Moodle Academy, MoodleNet and Certified Service Providers.

Sakai represents a fundamentally different approach to the learning management system. Unlike other “open” systems available today, the direction and feature set of Sakai originates from within higher education to address the dynamic needs of a global academic community. The Sakai open-source community energetically and nimbly advances the Sakai platform, as educators and developers from various institutions together turn great ideas into exciting possibilities for faculty teaching and student learning.

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