Proctors & auditors


Our proctors are considered best-in-class. They are college educated and come to Examity with years of technical support accomplishments.

Our proctoring team’s skills are sharpened during our 8-week intensive training program. Instruction focuses on Examity software, troubleshooting, privacy and the identification of suspicious behavior. The final 60 hours of training include situational analysis and role-playing.

Proctor service is built around distinct time zones, ensuring that testers have comprehensive availability, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, including weekends and holidays.


Our proctors don’t miss much – but if they do – our team of experienced auditors acts as a second line of defense.

Auditors review each appointment video and compare notes with the proctor or Examity client success manager. Once the auditor is satisfied that everything has been noted and flagged appropriately, the video becomes available for instructors to review.

Client Success Managers

At Examity, we recognize and appreciate that clients have unique needs. Our client success managers provide personalized service and expertise to reflect the specific demands of your organization.

Client success management begins during the selling process and continues through implementation and training. Ongoing availability ensures there will never be a time when you do not have access to an Examity team member.

During high volume test times, your client success manager becomes an additional member of your team. Their goal is to ensure a smooth process for you and your test-takers.

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