Moving Forward: Examity’s Website Relaunch


Many exciting changes have been happening at Examity, and they represent our commitment to the continuous improvement of ourselves and the quality of your exam experience. One way that we are focused on improving is through our website, which we recently revamped and relaunched. 

We’ve updated our look, using more colors and white space, and made the information on our site more accessible and easier to navigate through. Not only that, we’ve added a number of new pages and plenty of additional information that’s always up-to-date.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest additions to our website.

Our multimodal solution

We’ve added two pages that outline our four proctoring solutions: Automated Standard, Automated Premium, Live Authentication + Audit, and Live Proctoring. These pages can help you find out which proctoring solution is right for you by including thorough explanations of our different options, so you can have a better understanding of them. 


Test-taker resources

Examity values our test-takers, and we want them to succeed. If you’re a test-taker, we’ve better-organized valuable information on our website to serve as a go-to resource for you.

Helpful information about the ACCUPLACER exam can be viewed on our ACCUPLACER page. There, you can find instructions on how to get started, system requirements, access to tutorials, and our most frequently-asked questions about the exam. Still can’t find an answer to your question? Check out our complete list of FAQs for ACCUPLACER.

If you have questions about online proctoring, Examity’s capabilities, or are uncertain of the process in general, we can answer some of those questions on our Test-taker FAQs page. Experiencing technical issues? Have questions that weren’t addressed on the page? Make sure to access our Test-taker resource center. Contact information for our support team can be found there, or you can fill out a form, and a member will contact you directly. Our test-taker support team is available 24/7 for your needs.


Examity’s leadership in the education space

We proudly serve hundreds of educational institutions worldwide, and provide best-in-class security, flexibility, integration, and support. Plus, we are a full service partner that always puts the test-taker first. We are confident that we can provide the highest-quality online proctoring solution for your exams. If you want to read about what makes Examity an online proctoring leader in higher education and find out how to bring Examity to your institution, you can do so by visiting the Education page.


Thriving in the certification/licensure market

Online proctoring offers convenience, and an opportunity to save costs, by allowing test-takers to take their certification and licensure exams anytime, anywhere. Examity provides full administrator and test-taker support for these exams, and our solutions are scalable and secure. It is our mission to protect your organization’s reputation. We explain here how Examity provides a best-in-class online proctoring solution for your certification and licensure program exams. 

Case studies: read about how Examity helps organizations succeed

Examity’s online proctoring services have helped many organizations prosper. Adobe, Epic Systems, and educational institutions around the world have partnered with us. You can read about how Examity was able to ensure secure and flexible online proctoring of their exams in our case studies. They address how Examity solved the challenges these organizations faced, how online proctoring benefitted them, and how Examity tailored itself to fit their specific needs.


Informational webinars

We’ve also created a page where you can find more information about our webinars. Examity hosts a series of webinars throughout the year, where we engage with experts and thought leaders in their respective fields. Our webinars provide vast learning opportunities involving various topics, including optimizing your online proctoring experience, implementing effective exam rules, and more. There are always more engaging webinars to come!


Learn more about Examity through our blog

Our blog is an exciting new addition to our website! Check out the variety of in person and virtual events that Examity participates in under the Events section. Some events we have sponsored include ATP’s Innovations in Testing conference, OLC Innovate, and Bett. We hope to see you at the next one!

Are you an administrator or test-taker looking to have a successful exam experience? Make sure to view our Resources section, where we dive deep into topics like “How to Successfully Introduce Online Proctoring Into Your Course” and “A Test-taker’s Guide to Online Proctoring”.

For an inside look at Examity and our bright and eager employees, explore the Ask the Experts and Employee Spotlight sections of our blog.


More videos to come

We’ve produced a variety of training and informational videos as a unique way to structure our material. You can find more videos like the one on our homepage on our Vimeo account.

We strive to have our website continue to be a valuable resource for administrators, instructors, and test-takers alike. If you have any questions, or want to learn more about how Examity can help you protect test integrity, explore our website and contact us today.

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