Product Level Spotlight: Automated


While the names of Examity’s products have changed, their features remain the same. What makes each of our four proctoring offerings unique are the different levels of security and test-taker support they provide. Despite their differences, all of our products help protect the integrity of every exam while ensuring a seamless testing experience for all users. 

One of our four proctoring options is Automated proctoring. Previously referred to as Automated Standard, our Automated offering is one of our two automated solutions. Want to learn more? Let’s explore this product.


Why is Automated Standard now called Automated?
We feel that the new names for our products help convey their differences more clearly. The key differentiator between Automated proctoring (formerly Automated Standard) and Automated + Audit (formerly Automated Premium) is the human audit that is included in our Automated + Audit offering. Automated proctoring does not have this feature. 

What types of exams, and level of security, would Automated be best suited for?
If you’re looking for a cost-effective, flexible, and secure solution for low-stakes exams, such as quizzes, Automated proctoring is perfect! Our Automated offering meets accepted online proctoring standards while securing exams through automated processes.

What features does Automated proctoring offer?
This solution provides many industry-leading features, including:

Automated authentication

An Automated session may begin with an automated authentication process, if required by the test sponsor. Authentication helps protect test integrity by ensuring that the correct test-taker is taking the exam. 

This authentication procedure occurs in three distinct stages: 

1. First, test-takers will present their valid government or school-issued photo ID to their computer’s webcam. Then, they will use the webcam to take a picture of the ID. This image will be matched against the test-taker’s ID on file.

2. Next, test-takers will further verify their identity by answering a “challenge” question, or security question.

3. Finally, test-takers will perform facial identification by using their webcam to take a photo of themselves. 

Test sponsors also have complete control over this process; they’re allowed to choose as many or as few options for authentication as they would like.

Auto ID proctoring technology and flagged violations with video

After completing the authentication process, the test-taker begins the exam. Our auto ID proctoring technology oversees the exam from start to finish: The software records the test-taker’s environment and computer screen, monitoring audio, motion, and systemic changes to identify suspicious behaviors or potential rule violations. These will be flagged for the test sponsor to review after the exam is completed. 

Reporting and analytics

All of our proctoring solutions allow clients access to Examity’s partner portal. There, you can find robust reporting and analytics supplying the information needed to immediately evaluate and address test-taker activity. Some of the reports we offer include a Test Summary, which is a complete overview of scheduled and unscheduled appointments with a detailed analysis, and a Flag System, which is comprised of flags of all suspicious activity during the authentication and exam processes.

What features does Automated proctoring not provide?
The test-taker will never connect to a live proctor during an Automated exam session. Although the test-taker will not have a live proctor’s support, they can easily access Examity’s 24/7 test-taker support team via live chat, phone, or email if they need assistance during the testing session.

There is also no formal human audit at the end of an Automated exam session. But, full video and audio of the session, along with reporting and analytics, are available on the test sponsor’s dashboard within hours of an exam’s completion. All videos will include time-stamped comments associated with specific exam violations as well, which instructors can immediately jump to using hyperlinks.

No matter which proctoring option you choose, all of them can be tailored to fit you and your organization’s needs. If you’re eager to learn more about our Automated offering, as well as the other proctoring modalities that we provide, please visit our Automated Solutions and Live Solutions pages. Or, you can reach out to us today.

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