Product Level Spotlight: Automated + Audit


Our last Product Level Spotlight highlighted our Automated offering, which provides automated authentication and proctoring, flagged violations with video, and reporting and analytics for online proctored exams. If you would like to use an automated solution for your exams, but need a higher level of security and are looking to save time on the exam review process, you’ll want to explore our Automated + Audit option.


Why is Automated Premium now called Automated + Audit?
Previously referred to as Automated Premium, Automated + Audit not only includes all of the features that Automated has, but also provides a formal human audit after the exam is completed. We changed the name of this product in order to clearly communicate this key feature, and to cause less confusion between our two automated solutions.

What types of exams, and level of security, would Automated + Audit be best suited for?
Automated + Audit is ideal for lower-stakes exams, such as chapter quizzes or pre-employment assessments that are more focused on identity verification: The human audit provides an added layer of security.

What features does Automated + Audit offer?
This solution provides many industry-leading features, including:

  • Human audit
    As a step up from our Automated solution, our Automated + Audit offering includes a human audit session after an exam is finished. Examity’s auditing process provides an additional layer of security, and a second set of eyes, for every exam. Our extensively-trained auditing team will efficiently review the authentication and exam sessions, along with any flags raised by our software. The video of the exam, as well as time-stamped comments, will be released to the Examity dashboard following the auditing team’s review. This allows test sponsors to save hours of time from reviewing exam videos.

  • Automated authentication
    With both automated solutions, the test-taker may be required to go through a multi-factor automated authentication process before beginning their exam. This process starts with the test-taker taking an image of a valid government or school-issued photo ID with their system’s webcam. Then, they will answer a challenge question, or security question, that they had previously selected. The final step of the authentication process is facial verification, which involves the test-taker taking a photo of themselves using their computer’s webcam. The stages of the automated authentication process are completely customizable by the test sponsor. 
  • Auto ID proctoring technology and flagged violations with video
    Exams that use either of our automated solutions are monitored by Examity’s auto ID proctoring technology. This technology has the ability to flag any suspicious behaviors or rule violations, including during the authentication process. All flags contain notes or suggestions by Examity account managers to direct test sponsors on how to address the incidents that took place. To further ensure test integrity, the test-taker’s environment and computer screen are also recorded. 
  • Reporting and analytics
    If you are a client with Examity, you will have access to our partner portal, which has comprehensive reporting and data on proctoring and test-taker activity. You can view feedback from test-takers, wait time reports, and much more. Violation reports and video files of the exam process are also available for review, allowing you to quickly assess, and address, suspicious behavior.

What features does Automated + Audit not provide?
The test-taker will never connect to a live proctor during an automated testing session. If they need assistance during an automated exam, they can easily access Examity’s support team via live chat, phone, or email. Our support team operates 24/7/365 to meet the needs of every test-taker.

No matter which proctoring option you choose, all of them can be tailored to fit you and your organization’s needs. If you’re eager to learn more about our Automated + Audit option, as well as the other proctoring modalities that we provide, please visit our Automated Solutions and Live Solutions pages. Or, you can reach out to us today. 

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