Product Level Spotlight: Live Authentication + Audit


Our previous Product Level Spotlights covered our automated solutions, which are cost-effective options for providing a secure testing experience for lower-stakes exams. If your exams are high-stakes, our live solutions may be a better fit, because they provide the most secure test-taking experience possible. Our Live Authentication + Audit offering is entirely unique to Examity. A human proctor authenticates the test-taker and works with the auditing team to conduct an in depth review of the entire exam process. Let’s learn more about this product’s features, and delve into what it has to offer.


Why is Live Standard now called Live Authentication + Audit?
To truly distinguish it from Live Proctoring, and to emphasize its most significant features, Live Standard was changed to Live Authentication + Audit. Both of our live solutions use a live proctor during the exam process and include a human audit after exam completion. However, Live Authentication + Audit only uses a proctor for authenticating the test-taker and reviewing the exam, not during the testing session

What types of exams, and level of security, would Live Authentication + Audit be best suited for?
Live Authentication + Audit is an excellent choice for higher-stakes exams, especially if you need to verify a test-taker’s identity. The live authentication process verifies that the right test-taker is taking the exam, and our auditing team fully ensures this by providing a comprehensive review of the entire exam process. 

What features does Live Authentication + Audit offer?
This solution provides many industry-leading features, including:

  • Live ID authentication
    One of Live Authentication + Audit’s notable features is the live authentication of the test-taker and their environment, which is conducted by a live proctor. Before the test-taker starts their exam, the proctor will follow a strict process of identity verification, which includes a photo comparison. Next, the proctor will confirm the rules of the exam with the test-taker. Finally, the proctor will request a 360° room pan and desk sweep to verify that the test-taker’s testing environment is clean and that there are no unauthorized materials present.
  • Auto ID proctoring technology and flagged violations with video
    After authenticating the test-taker, the live proctor leaves the session, and Examity’s auto ID proctoring technology takes over. This state-of-the-art technology records the test-taker’s environment and computer screen while monitoring the exam from start to finish. It’s also able to flag any incidents of cheating, or other unusual behavior.
  • Human audit
    After an exam is finished, both the proctor and auditing team review the authentication and exam processes, allowing test sponsors to save hours of time from reviewing exam videos. Examity’s auditing team is extensively trained and thoroughly reviews the entire exam. Any instances of suspicious behavior that aren’t flagged by a proctor will be caught by our auditors, who will flag the incidents accordingly. After their review is completed, the recording of the exam, along with time-stamped comments, will be released to the test sponsor’s dashboard.
  • Reporting and analytics
    Test sponsors can use our partner portal to access reporting and data. There, they can find many insightful reports on proctoring and test-taker activity. Video files of the exam process are available there as well. They can also access violation reports, which contain flags of aberrant behavior that occurred during the live authentication and exam. The flags include instructions by Examity account managers on how to evaluate, and address, these occurrences. 

What features does Live Authentication + Audit not provide?
A Live Authentication + Audit testing session uses a live proctor to verify the test-taker before they begin their exam, and, after the exam, the proctor assists with its review. But, the proctor will not be available while the test-taker is taking the exam to provide real-time proctoring and support. If needed, a test-taker can access Examity’s test-taker support team during the exam. Our support team operates 24/7/365 and is available by live chat, phone, or email.

No matter which proctoring option you choose, all of them can be tailored to fit you and your organization’s needs. If you’re eager to learn more about our Live Authentication + Audit option, as well as the other proctoring modalities that we provide, please visit our Automated Solutions and Live Solutions pages. Or, you can reach out to us today. 

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