Creating a Positive Test-taker Journey


Every exam experience is a journey that each test-taker navigates through. However, the test-taker’s journey is one that they do not have to experience alone. Examity is dedicated to guiding every test-taker through the online testing process to create a positive and seamless journey for them. A positive test-taker journey greatly benefits both test-takers and test sponsors.

These best practices at Examity can help the test-taker throughout their journey and improve their online assessment experience:


Industry-low wait times for test-takers to connect to proctors

It’s important that test-takers are able to connect to the exam’s proctor right away. The ability to easily and efficiently connect to a proctor contributes to an overall positive assessment experience, and is the biggest factor in test-taker satisfaction.

It takes less than one minute for a test-taker to connect to an Examity proctor – the average wait time for connection is anywhere between 30-50 seconds, which is far lower than the industry average of a minimum of 3-5 minutes. Examity is able to achieve such a low wait time through our four global proctoring centers supporting thousands of test-takers each day, and a robust set of technologies that route the right exam to the right proctor every time. 

Our low test-taker-to-proctor ratio

Examity’s test-taker-to-proctor ratio is the industry’s lowest. A low-proctor ratio contributes to greater validity and security of your online exams. A proctor can provide more attention to each test-taker, allowing proctors to efficiently detect cheating behaviors or rule violations. A low-proctor ratio also enables proctors to administer any customized rules and requirements, as well as exam delivery requests, more easily.

A low-proctor ratio gives every test-taker a personalized assessment experience, which contributes to better support and guidance from proctors. It also enables them to provide greater assistance to test-takers who need accommodations. 

One proctor throughout an exam

Other online proctoring providers may use two proctors during an exam: One proctor verifies the test-taker, and then the test-taker will be placed into another queue to wait for a second proctor who will monitor their exam. This results in longer wait times for the test-taker to begin an exam and disruptions in the exam process, which can contribute to a poor test-taker experience.

Examity uses one proctor throughout the entire exam, creating a smoother experience with little to no interruptions. One proctor for an exam also allows for greater test-taker support and for the test-taker to build trust quickly with their proctor. Examity proctors are technically trained and college-educated, which facilitates a robust support ecosystem for the test-taker, should they have a technical issue during their exam experience. Higher levels of trust between the test-taker and the proctor can also help ease test-taker anxiety.

Our ability to scale

Examity provides flexible assessment options for test-takers, and our platform lets our clients scale their programs to meet every test-taker’s needs. Examity’s highly-scalable capabilities result from our proctoring capacities, our test-taker support, and flexibility with test drivers and candidate management system integrations and workflows. These factors give us the ability to quickly and efficiently meet and grow capacity based on demand, and to proctor millions of exams per year while still providing superior service and support for all modalities. 

We continually hire and train college-educated proctors, and our large number of proctors at various locations allows us to offer 24/7 flexibility for live proctored exams. Our test-taker support team operates 24/7/365 in order to assist test-takers at their convenience. And Examity’s integrations with various candidate management systems, learning management systems, and test drivers let us grow and expand our technological capabilities.

Exam security also plays a crucial role in the test-taker’s journey:

We place considerable importance in providing the highest levels of security for your online exams. This guarantees that the integrity of your exam is intact, and contributes to an equal and fair testing environment for all test-takers.

Taking action against threats to an exam’s security and integrity

Examity strives to combat security risks that can compromise the integrity of an exam. Critical issues include proxy test-taking and harvesting exam content to be posted online for the public to view and download.

Examity is combating proxy test-taking by thoroughly screening test-takers to establish authenticity. Proctors perform multi-factor identification so that they can properly verify the test-taker and make sure that the correct test-taker is taking the exam. Auditors and client success managers are also a part of the review process that assists in authenticating the test-taker, adding another level of security and verification.

While our proctors assist in combating exam item harvesting, additionally, we offer different degrees of security in order to prevent this issue. This includes our higher tier security features, Browser Lock, Browser Extension Lock, and System Lock, which provide features to help impede harvesting. Browser Lock is software that prohibits a test-taker from using their internet browser to search other web pages and to make sure that they remain on the testing web page. System Lock is a secure browser launched at the start of the exam and which opens in full-screen mode, restricting test-takers from engaging in specific activities and accessing applications that can potentially contribute to harvesting exam content. Browser Extension Lock blocks specific Chrome browser extensions from running during an exam. Lastly, Examity also supports content masking, which provides an extra layer of security by not exposing test content to anyone except for the test-taker.

Exam auditing

Examity’s auditing process is unique to the industry. It provides an additional layer of security and a second pair of eyes for every exam to establish greater protection of an exam’s integrity. Our auditing team is extensively trained in the exam review process to ensure accuracy, and that any rule violations or suspicious behaviors from test-takers are detected and flagged. Along with that, auditors make sure that proctors are following the correct procedures, and provide feedback to them on where they can improve upon. Improving the overall exam process leads to a seamless testing experience for test-takers and a positive test-taking journey.

How does a positive test-taker journey and exceptional exam security help your organization?

A positive exam journey for test-takers can generate favorable feedback for your organization, demonstrating to test-takers that your organization is reliable, and that their assessment experience there will be smooth and successful. 

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