How Exam Security Increases the Validity of Your Credential


With the rise in remote testing, and as technology continues to expand and develop at a rapid rate, the need for optimal exam security is vital to preserving an organization’s success. Why is this the case? And, how can organizations protect the security of their exams? By answering these questions and more, we can explore how this is possible.

Why is exam security important?
The content of high-stakes exams is being compromised at an alarming rate. That’s why it’s crucial that testing programs use an online proctoring solution to help protect exam content and ensure the security of their exams. Otherwise, learners who do not possess the necessary skills or knowledge will be able to easily access the content of your tests, enabling them to pass unfairly. Your program’s exams will no longer be a valid measurement of a test-taker’s competency, leaving your organization’s brand, as well as the validity of the credentials you’re granting, at stake.

For your credentials to be valued in the market, and to attract more learners, it’s highly important that these credentials remain valid.

How does Examity’s online proctoring solution provide state-of-the-art test security?
Although we are an EdTech organization, we utilize a human-centric approach to online proctoring. In other words, we use technology to assist real people, and not the other way around. Through multiple offerings ranging from fully automated to live, our use of technology, combined with human decision-making, delivers best-in-class exam security.

Our extensively-trained and highly-skilled proctors can easily catch the unusual test-taker behavior that technology can’t. And, after an exam is completed, our auditing team thoroughly reviews the entire testing session and flags potentially suspicious activity that a proctor may have missed. In addition to preventing cheating, our proctors and auditors can stop proxy test-taking and the harvesting of exam content from happening.

How have Examity’s secure solutions helped organizations and their testing programs?
Examity’s online proctoring solution can help protect, and even enhance, your organization’s reputation. We are an extension of your brand. Our low-ratio proctoring ensures a high level of security. It also allows our clients to customize the test-taking experience and for our proctors to provide superior support to test-takers, leading to a positive test-taking experience

And our first-rate support and services also extend to test sponsors, who work with our client success management team. Examity’s client success managers are there for administrators every step of the way.

Why should test-takers value exam security?
Every exam is a step towards a potentially life-changing accomplishment, such as assessments that will eventually lead to earning a certification, or a final exam a student has to take to complete their university degree. These credentials hold immense merit – they are granted by trusted organizations and institutions whose programs can be selective and include challenging exams to ensure a learner’s competency. When exams are not secure, the value of these credentials will decrease, making the time and money that a learner has spent on earning the credentials in vain.

How have security standards in the online testing industry changed?
Now more than ever, the online testing industry is focusing on putting a stop to proxy test-taking and the exposure of test content, as well as protecting test-takers’ privacy. Online proctoring can be just as secure, or even more secure, than in-person proctoring. Along with our proctors and auditors, test sponsors can also enable our higher-tier security features, like Browser Lock, Browser Extension Lock, and System Lock for their exams. These features prohibit test-takers from using their internet browser to search through other web pages, and using applications and browser extensions that can contribute to cheating. They also prevent test content from being exposed.

Examity is also committed to, and deeply values, test-taker privacy. Our SOC 2 Type II certification affirms Examity’s dedication to ensuring security and privacy for our partners and customers.

Examity’s online proctoring solution provides the highest levels of security for your exams. We are proud to be a global security leader, and we are dedicated to protecting test integrity and your organization’s brand. If you’re interested in learning more about our solution, please reach out to us today. 

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