The Importance of a Low-Proctor Ratio


One of the most important roles of online proctoring is to protect the validity and integrity of exams and their scores. Live monitoring helps better ensure that protection by providing real-time proctoring. What differentiates Examity’s live proctoring solution from the rest is, in part, our low test-taker-to-proctor ratio. Our low-proctor ratio not only ensures greater protection of test integrity, but also allows us to provide higher-quality support. 

What makes a low-proctor ratio valuable, and how is Examity able to achieve it? Let’s find out.

Assessment security

Live proctoring provides the highest level of exam security. But all live proctoring is not the same. Having a low-proctor ratio provides the attention and security needed to effectively monitor each exam session and test-takers’ behavior. 

For example, in order to begin an exam, a test-taker needs their identity verified by the proctor. More individualized attention leads to a greater focus on each test-taker, ensuring that the correct person is taking the exam. This also prevents the opportunity of proxy test-taking, which occurs when the test-taker hires a third party to take the exam on their behalf. 

Because proctors in a low-proctor ratio scenario are keeping watch on a smaller amount of test-takers, they are able to have more focus and attention to detail on each exam session, so they can easily catch cheating behaviors or rule violations. In addition, this also allows the proctor to enforce any customized rules, assessment delivery requests, and requirements.


Service and support

At Examity, we want to help test-takers succeed. That’s why we strive to issue a seamless assessment experience for every test-taker and exam session. Test-takers benefit from a  low-proctor ratio because it provides highly-individualized experiences. Proctors can more easily answer test-takers’ questions and guide them through the test-taking experience. Our low-proctor ratio also means higher-quality support. Technical issues can arise during an exam, and a proctor focusing on a smaller number of test-takers gives them the ability to intervene more quickly with each test-taker if issues occur.

Accessibility and accommodations

All test-takers are ensured equitable access with Examity. We are fully compliant with sections 504 and 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Our test integrity solutions are strongly-focused on accessibility. We train all of our proctors on utilizing industry-standard tools designed to meet test-takers’ needs. Monitoring fewer people gives a proctor the capability to provide equal and undivided attention to ensure that their specific needs are met. This enables proctors to better execute, and comply with, any accommodations or accessibility requirements.


How Examity is able to apply a low-proctor ratio for assessments

Examity’s philosophy is based around a concentrated and focused human touch. We believe that the delivery and security of assessments is a human process assisted by technologies, and not the other way around. Therefore, we are able to execute our low-proctor ratio, and stay competitive in pricing, partly due to our distributed workforce model. Examity has over 1,000 agents focused on proctoring delivery located at five different locations worldwide – and that number is growing. Our international model allows us to hire and scale quickly, as well as to hire the right, and best, proctors. 

We perform extensive background checks on every potential proctor. All of our proctors are college-educated professionals with deep technical support expertise, and, once they are hired, they go through an extensive training process that is also quickly-paced. The eight-week training session includes coursework on the proctoring process, data management process, data security training, customer service training, Examity software training, and training on tools used to perform their function as a proctor. Also included in the training are several live simulations by senior staff at Examity, so that proctors can accustom themselves on how to identify, document, and escalate suspicious behavior. Hiring the finest proctors at a faster rate ensures that the low-proctor ratio will always stay in place. 

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