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Auditing: Everything You Need to Know


As an instructor or test sponsor, you have a lot on your plate: you don’t always have time to flip through proctored exam session videos. With less time spent reviewing sessions, you can get more hours for things that matter, like completing research or building out your credentialing program. Still, it’s critical to know for sure that your test-takers are upholding the integrity of your assessment. That’s where Examity’s auditing team comes in. 

What does the auditing team do?
Essentially, this team checks that all occurrences during a proctored session are not only flagged, but flagged appropriately. This includes double checking timestamps and confirming their accuracy, plus adjusting as needed. Auditors put a second pair of eyes on an exam to ensure consistency in proctor and automated system flagging. Plus, they verify that nothing was missed during the proctoring session. In the rare case that a rule violation was not reported by the original proctor, the auditing team fills in the gap and flags these occurrences. On these occasions, the proctor also receives feedback on where they can improve. Client success and account services team members may be notified if necessary. Currently, about 95% of Examity sessions receive a human audit. Only Automated proctoring does not offer this service. 

Who are Examity’s auditors?
Our auditing team is made up of individuals who have been specifically trained in the exam review process, and are frequently even former proctors themselves. All of our auditors receive extensive training and consistent review. This ensures that their skills and work uphold the Examity standard. They are our quality control group when it comes to accurate reporting data.  

Our auditing team helps Examity make sure testing sessions are reported accurately and reviewed consistently. This is just one part of how Examity works together, between all departments, to ensure that we are not only delivering a quality assessment experience, but also superior analytics and records to every client

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