The Value of a Human-Centric Approach to Online Proctoring


Examity is truly a differentiator in the online testing space, and the difference includes our human-centric approach to online proctoring. Although we are an EdTech organization, we pride ourselves on real people supporting our technology and processes, and not the other way around. We are able to offer such a flexible and secure solution, along with providing exceptional service, due to our approach. 

But, what exactly does being human-centric entail? And why is a human-centric solution important? Let’s take a deeper look.

  • Highest levels of support and service
    Examity’s services and support are provided by humans, meaning better support and a more personable testing experience. The session begins with a live proctor welcoming the test-taker, verifying their identity, and assisting them with any issues that might arise. During the exam, the proctor will always be there to guide the test-taker through the session, ensuring that the exam process is seamless and smooth. Our test-taker support team is also available to assist 24/7, 365 days a year. And, our superior support extends to test sponsors: Examity’s highly-experienced client success managers are there to help test sponsors navigate through the process and advise them every step of the way. 
  • Human decision making
    Our solution emphasizes human decision making, especially by our well-trained, live proctors. Technology can’t fully recognize noticeable signs of cheating and will not halt the exam session if that happens. However, our proctors can easily recognize suspicious behaviors and intervene or discontinue the testing session if necessary. A proctor can also determine if seemingly questionable test-taker behavior indicates that a test-taker is cheating or not. For example, if a test-taker’s eyes are darting back and forth, a proctor can stop the testing session, ask the test-taker to show them what they are looking at, and take the necessary next steps if needed.
  • Exceptional test security
    Technology can’t always easily prevent proxy test-taking or a user stealing exam content and publishing it online. Our human-forward solution fully protects test integrity. Examity’s proctor training program includes several live simulations by our senior staff, so that they can familiarize themselves with identifying, documenting, and escalating suspicious behavior. And after the proctoring session has ended, our auditing team steps in. They conduct a thorough audit of the entire test session, providing an additional layer of security and ensuring that any unusual occurrences are reviewed and flagged appropriately.
  • Future-proofing your testing program
    Examity has always been at the forefront of the online proctoring industry. Our entire team diligently researches and learns about the future of both the online proctoring and testing industries. Because of this and our human-centered approach, we can ensure that your testing program will withstand and adapt to any changes that will come. And, we will continue to update our solution to best serve all of our customers. 

Examity has focused on a human-centric solution since our inception, and this approach extends to our entire team and our philosophy. Our human-centered approach begins with relationship development. When customers inquire about Examity, we aim to gain a thorough understanding of what their goals are, and we then brainstorm solutions with them.

Our approach means using real people to make critical decisions and enhance our processes. If you’re eager to learn more about our solution, please reach out to us today.