Sue Kaminski, Vice President of Client Success at Examity, weighs in on the value of having an account management team that’s always available to assist clients.

Sue Kaminski

Vice President, Client Success

The Value of Having a Client Success Team

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Sue Kaminski, Vice President of Client Success at Examity, weighs in on the value of having an client success team that’s always available to assist. At Examity, our team is able to provide a walkthrough of both the administrator and test-taker experience in order to increase everyone’s comfort level with our solution. And of course, they are always ready to answer any questions that may arise prior to, during, or after onboarding. 

Not all providers in the online proctoring space offer client success managers. Why does Examity do this? What’s the value of this and how do they help clients be successful?

Unlike many of the online proctoring solutions available today, Examity has a robust client success team who is here to help organizations and institutions incorporate Examity into their normal workflow with as much ease as possible. We’re hopeful that with our team’s guidance, clients can in turn better prepare their test-takers. Client success managers consider themselves as partners – the heavy lifters, the providers. We provide the framework for the “rules of the road” in online proctoring. If you find yourself needing help with setting up an exam or have questions on the best way to communicate with test-takers, we can help. 

In the early stages of the partnership, Examity client success managers will provide virtual training, either in a one-on-one or group setting. We’re very flexible. Consider that training to be a fluid one; we’re always here to support our clients at the start of the partnership and throughout the life of the program. Examity provides test-takers with 24/7 technical support, in case they ever run into issues before or during their exam. Not only is the client success team supportive of our customers, but we’re 100% committed to supporting the test-takers as well. 

What’s a test-taker experience like with Examity? How long does it typically take for an exam to be launched?

The test-taker process is seamless. As a first step, test-takers create a profile, which takes less than five minutes. Once that’s complete, they can schedule their assessments. On test day, identities are verified by the proctor or our technology, depending on the security level. As soon as the verification process is over, the test-takers can begin their exams. When the exam is complete, the exam is then submitted to the test administrator for grading or pass/fail analysis, depending on the program. That’s all there is to it. 

Who are Examity’s proctors? What does the training process look like for them? 

Now over 1,000 strong, our proctoring team is composed of strong communicators, technical troubleshooters, and focused, college-educated professionals. Every Examity proctor goes through extensive training on privacy guidelines, FERPA regulations, proctoring systems, and the like. They’ve all been interviewed by a senior member of our operations team. With this level of training and review, Examity is confident both in its ability to handle high exam volume, as well as support any test-takers that require assistance.

What advice do you have for programs that are considering a move to online proctoring? What are the best practices they should be thinking about? Do you have any tips or suggestions for things to avoid?

Have patience. Building online proctoring into your programs is a journey. You and your test-takers will need time to understand the nuances that come with an online proctoring solution. Here are just a few tips: 

  • Communication is key. Don’t forget to take advantage of our user guides, best practice tips, and email templates for your test-takers. 
  • Try practice exams. We offer free automated practice exams to help familiarize the test-takers with the new process of using Examity, which helps things run smoothly on test day. 
  • Don’t forget the system check. Always remind your test-takers to run their system requirements check before exam day to ensure that they have the proper technology and internet speed in advance. They can check this by clicking a button on their Examity dashboard.
  • Contact your client success manager. We encourage our customers to lean on their client success managers when it comes to those initial questions about how this all works. 

Here at Examity, we know that online proctoring may be totally new to you and your test-takers. We are here to help! My team is always available to talk through how to get started, as well as what to expect when reviewing online proctoring results for the first time. 

Ready to chat with Examity’s client success team? Interested in more ways they help Examity’s clients succeed? Contact us today.