Ultimately, for test-takers, clients, and proctors, we strive to minimize stress and ensure a smooth test-taking experience.

Kerri Little & Lauren Thomas

Proctor Shift Leads

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An In Depth Look Into Examity’s Proctoring Team

Ask the Expert

Kerri Little and Lauren Thomas are both shift leads for our proctoring teams, and they’re dedicated to providing exceptional support to Examity’s test-takers and clients. As shift leads, their job is to assist proctors and provide them answers to any questions they may have, while also proctoring exams.

In this blog, they give us a behind-the-scenes look into Examity’s online proctoring. What makes our proctoring top-rate? What is it like being a proctor? And, what makes online proctoring so valuable for organizations’ testing programs? Both experts explore the answers to these questions, and more. 

What makes Examity’s online proctoring best-in-class?
Examity is always evolving! Whether from a technical, organizational, or operational standpoint, we are always looking into innovative developments and solutions. For example, we frequently update our testing platform, create and implement new troubleshooting strategies, and improve training resources and materials for our proctors to use. These factors, and more, allow us to handle anything thrown our way gracefully and efficiently, leading to a best-in-class experience for our test-takers and clients.

What are the proctoring team’s fundamental objectives?
The proctoring team strives to achieve multiple objectives. For test-takers, we aim to provide them with the best possible support and service as we guide them through the testing process – from pre-exam authentication, to exam submission and post-exam directions. Even if technical issues may arise, while we work on fixing those, our main focus is to alleviate test-taker anxiety and concerns and to assist them in any way we can. And, with our clients, our goal is to deliver a superior balance of flexibility and security, all while giving them service and support that exceeds their needs. Ultimately, for test-takers, clients, and proctors, we strive to minimize stress and ensure a smooth test-taking experience.

How does online proctoring help test-takers and organizations? And, why should organizations use online proctoring for their exams?
Online proctoring allows organizations to have the secure testing experience they desire, while giving test-takers a level of flexibility that would otherwise be impossible with in-person testing. Test-takers have the freedom to test whenever, and wherever, is most convenient and comfortable for them. This leads to high levels of test-taker satisfaction, which we have witnessed first-hand. In addition, this flexibility extends to organizations and test sponsors, who are no longer limited to a strict time and place to administer their exams.

What backgrounds and skills do Examity proctors need to have?
It’s important that Examity proctors have experience with Mac and Windows and an understanding of how to troubleshoot hardware – especially webcams and microphones. This is because we guide test-takers through exams, and troubleshoot, on both operating systems.

Skills that are equally as important as hands-on technical experience are the ability to be organized and to proactively communicate. Much of the proctoring role is very independent, so a proctor must stay on top of the various tasks being handed to them. Without strong organization skills, it can be easy to get lost quickly. Along with that, a proctor must proactively communicate with their leads to prevent or minimize disruption to the exam process.

What trainings do Examity proctors experience, and how do those trainings help proctors best support test-takers?

Kerri Little: Our training is mostly done by team. As the trainer of the US team, I am first educated by the India proctoring training team on new procedures and policies. I then take what I have learned and create resources that I think will best convey that information to the US team.

Once I have all of my resources prepared, I schedule trainings. Upon initially being hired, proctors spend two to three days in small groups, learning various tools and the overall launch and troubleshooting procedures. They set their devices up with me and download necessary applications for working and communicating. During this initial training, they also learn about the first few tiers of clients, which is relatively straightforward. This way, new proctors can gradually ease into more rigorous procedures. After these few days of structured training, they spend their first shift paired with a seasoned proctor, watching them monitor exams from start to finish. 

Lauren Thomas: I think shadowing an experienced proctor is very beneficial for new proctors. I was one of the US team’s first proctors, and the training now is much more efficient and helps new proctors gain full understanding of the role.

Kerri Little: The seasoned proctors then guide the new proctors through facilitating their first few exams. As proctors continue working with our team, they are then trained on additional clients, with special instructions of increasing complexity. 

The US team also offers team-wide and continued training as needed, and I am in charge of that as well. Continued training can take many forms, from a check-in email with a typed-out procedure, to an hour-long Zoom meeting guiding a proctor step-by-step.

What other teams does the proctoring team collaborate with, and how do they all work together to create positive test-taking experiences?
Our biggest collaborators are the IT team, the support team, and the workforce management (WFM) team. IT assists us with any technical issues that are outside a shift lead’s expertise, along with handling countless other tasks, including general system-wide updates and issues.

The support team helps us with the logistics of connecting with our test-takers. For instance, if a test-taker is experiencing issues connecting to their exam, or they simply don’t know how to get into it, the support team will be there to assist them, while also serving as a point of contact between the test-taker and the proctor.

Finally, the WFM team is who keeps us busy the most, because we contact them to request getting exams assigned to proctors. They will also act as a second set of eyes during exams and can re-assign exam appointments immediately, if needed.

Beyond these three main teams, we also collaborate with other proctoring teams, leadership in different departments, and client success managers for institution or class-wide issues.

In your own words, why do you enjoy being a proctor, and what about proctoring do you enjoy most?
There is never a dull moment, and every shift is full of surprises! As proctors, we’re always multitasking, so we’re never bored. Even during “slower” days, there will always be various tasks to work on.

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