What Makes Examity’s Test-taker Support Team Unique?


When taking an online proctored exam, test-takers will probably have questions about the testing process, especially if they’re new to online proctoring. Or, they may need assistance or technical support. Examity’s support team is integral to the test-taking process, providing help and assistance for test-takers when needed. Operating 24/7, every day of the year, our support team is best-in-class. Each of our support agents is a highly-trained professional with years of experience. Their goal is to make every testing experience a positive one. 

Let’s get to know our test-taker support team, and how they provide assistance.


What is Examity’s test-taker support team?
Examity’s test-taker support team consists of experienced support agents, and the majority of our team comes from our proctoring pool. To apply for a position on the support team, proctors must have been working with Examity for at least six months. Our proctors are college-educated, undergo a rigorous training process, and possess exceptional technical and communication skills. Their training includes coursework on data security training, customer service and empathy training, and Examity software training.

What makes our support team unique?
Our support team stands out amongst others. This is not just due to our agents’ extensive backgrounds, but also because they’re flexible, dedicated, hardworking, and held to immensely high standards. Proctors can only apply to become a support agent if they have no attendance issues, achieve high scores, and perform outstanding work. What also makes our support team unique is that all agents work in person – they collaborate together in a facility and are supervised by highly-qualified managers.

What trainings do our support agents receive?
Besides the extensive training our support agents received as proctors, once they become agents, they’re further trained on both automated and live proctoring processes. They’re also trained on how to best support test-takers who are taking automated and live exams, and how to troubleshoot these exams if an issue occurs. 

What departments does the support team regularly work with?
The support team collaborates with other Examity teams, all with the goal of improving the test-taking experience. One team they work with is our product team, who communicates the changes being made to Examity’s platform and how those changes will impact the product. The support team is in constant contact with the proctoring team as well – if something is affecting the proctoring team, it will ultimately affect the support team. 

 How can test-takers reach the support team?
Examity’s test-taker support team can be reached by the Live Chat feature on the Examity dashboard or sidebar, by calling 855-EXAMITY, or by emailing [email protected]. You can view all of the ways to contact our support team on our Test-taker Resource Center page.

Our support team is receptive to user feedback, and they use that feedback, along with input from other teams at Examity, to determine what changes need to be made and to enhance their services. Examity is continuously working towards improving, updating, and expanding our support services. Please remember that our support team operates 24/7/365 in order to provide assistance to every test-taker who needs it.

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