How Examity Provides a Truly Smooth Exam Experience


At Examity, we place great importance on creating positive test-taking experiences while protecting exam integrity. One crucial component of a positive exam experience is making the process smooth and seamless. Examity provides truly smooth testing experiences with little-to-no interruptions, which helps lead to a satisfying exam process: According to recent surveys, 83% of test-takers have been satisfied or extremely satisfied with their exam experience with Examity. 

Some of our most significant, industry-leading features that let us construct a smooth test-taking experience include:

  • Our low test-taker-to-proctor ratio and no proctor hand off
    Examity has the lowest test-taker to proctor ratio in the industry. Due to our low-proctor ratio, the proctor can deliver personalized, real-time support throughout the exam. If a test-taker has to wait for support, this can cause disruption in the exam process, leading to a negative testing experience.

    We also only use one proctor throughout the entire exam. Other online proctoring providers may have one proctor authenticate the test-taker, and then switch proctors once the exam begins. This method causes interruptions in the testing session.Using only one proctor from start to finish contributes to a seamless testing experience, and test-takers can develop a trusting relationship with their proctor.

  • Little wait time to connect to a proctor
    Having to wait a long time to start an exam can be a frustrating experience. Examity’s average wait time for a test-taker to connect to a proctor is between 30-50 seconds, and sometimes, it’s even faster. We strive to get test-takers connected, and into their exams, as quickly as possible.


  • Seamless integration
    Examity has deep integrations with various test drivers. That means that transitioning between learning management systems (LMS) or testing platforms and Examity is seamless and natural. We use a single sign-on (SSO) method with these test drivers, so test-takers only have to sign in once.


Examity’s Testing Platform: Enhancing the Test-taker Experience 
Along with our best-in-class features, we’re always making improvements to our testing platform to streamline the process and make it more smooth. One change we’ve made is providing clearer steps and actions that test-takers can take to assist them through navigation and setup. We’ve also created a new, automatic system check: The test-taker can simply log into the Examity dashboard to automatically perform it. This will let them know if their device is ready to test with us.

At Examity, we’re focused on improving the overall test-taking process. By having a better understanding of test-takers’ experiences and needs, we can help make their exam sessions smooth and seamless. If you want to learn more about our solution, reach out to us today.

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