Strategies for Reducing Anxiety Before an Exam


You’ve probably spent many days and nights studying for your exam. While it’s normal to feel nervous before it, too much anxiety can create additional exam stress. In order to help manage your stress, we recommend that you have everything prepared well before your exam date, and to also concentrate on your mental health and well-being.

Guarantee that you’re prepared for your exam:

Have all of your materials ready.
Make sure that you have the right materials required for your exam. For example, find out if you’re allowed to use notes for the exam, or a calculator. Know what you utilize well in advance to save time and be well-prepared. Also, if you’re testing with Examity, you should create your profile ahead of time, and have the proper ID requirements ready and available.

Check to see that your computer meets the system requirements.
Be sure that your device satisfies Examity’s online proctoring requirements. You can view our  requirements here, and perform a system check prior to your exam. Find out if your internet connection meets our standards as well. If your computer or internet speed do not suffice, don’t panic! We provide resources on how to get free or discounted technology hardware and internet service

Know the specifications of the exam.
How much time will you have to complete your exam? What material will be covered? What percentage of your grade is your exam worth? Not knowing what to expect on your exam can potentially make your stress levels increase. These are good questions to ask your test sponsor before taking your exam. 

Get to the exam website early.
Sometimes, if you’re nervous, you may avoid logging into your exam site until the last minute. But if you log in early, you can see if you have any issues connecting and can solve them before your exam begins. If you experience any technical issues or problems starting your exam, you can always contact Examity’s support team. They operate 24/7/365 to fit your schedule and your needs.

Focus on your overall health and well-being:

Get support from friends or family.
If you’re anxious about an upcoming exam, reach out to friends or family for reassurance or support. Friends and family can offer words of encouragement, help you study for the exam, or even provide their own tips and advice for doing well on the exam.

Sleep well the night before your exam.
Sleep is vital for your emotional and physical health. Staying up the night before an exam, or sleeping too little, can affect your tiredness and negatively impact your performance. Getting enough rest can help energize you so you can power through your exam.

Perform relaxation techniques, and other related activities.
Deep breathing exercises, such as diaphragmatic breathing, can effectively bring you relief from stress and anxiety. Aerobic exercise can also be helpful – It’s been proven to release endorphins, or chemicals that can trigger a positive feeling in your body. Going on a hike or for a walk in a park can also help you relax. If you can’t exercise, find other activities that are beneficial for you, such as taking a long bath, hanging out with friends, lighting scented candles and aromatherapy…anything that brings you personal comfort.

Don’t forget to eat and drink.
For your brain to function at its best, you need proper fuel and hydration. Eat enough food, and drink plenty of water, before your exam. Try to eat a healthy meal full of vitamins and minerals so you can improve your mental stamina. Also, avoid sugary or caffeinated beverages, as well as alcohol. These types of drinks may worsen your anxiety, or can reduce your concentration during an exam.

Give yourself a pat on the back.
Provide yourself with some self-assurance to boost your confidence. Know that you’re doing the best that you can. Praise yourself, and plan a reward for after you finish the exam. You deserve it!

We hope that this advice can help you conquer any anxiety surrounding your exam, and assist in making your exam experience as smooth as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Examity’s support team for assistance, or fill out the form below and we will be in contact shortly.

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