How to Successfully Introduce Online Proctoring Into Your Course


As many courses move from on-ground to online delivery, clear communication to students has become more important than ever. We know that online proctoring may be a new experience for you and your students, which is why we want to help make the process as simple as possible.

Here are some recommendations on how to successfully introduce Examity’s online proctoring solution into your courses. 

Set Expectations Early
The earlier that you can familiarize your students with Examity, the better. Start with an introduction to Examity in your syllabus, and then send testing reminder emails throughout the course. This will help set expectations and notify students of what is needed before exam day. 

Need help crafting an effective email to your students? View our toolkits, which include email templates that you can customize. 

Outline the Process
We’re sure that test-takers will have a lot of questions about where to begin, how to set up their profile, and more as they adjust to online proctoring. That’s why it is important to take the time to familiarize them with the process. 

Test-takers should set up their profiles well in advance of exam day. One way to accomplish this is to turn profile creation into an assignment that they must complete. This will ensure that all profiles are set up ahead of time, leading to a smoother experience on the day of the exam. You can also visit our blog for information on how to create a profile in four easy steps.

System Requirements Reminder
To avoid technical surprises on exam day, we recommend that you tell your students to test their computers ahead of time. By visiting their Examity dashboard, test-takers will be able to automatically check if they are ready for their exam. They can also access our troubleshooting guide if they run into any problems. 

In addition, this is a great opportunity to remind students about Examity’s 24/7 technical support, in case they run into any issues before or during their exam. 

Communicate Exam Rules
To minimize confusion on test day, we recommend informing test-takers of exam rules in advance. Is it an open-book exam? Are they allowed to use calculators? What about bathroom breaks? The more you can prepare your students ahead of time, the more acclimated they will feel on exam day. 

Another great resource to share is our tips for online test-taking success, which contains useful information as students prepare for their online exams. 

These recommendations will ensure a successful test-taking experience for your students. And, don’t forget that your client success manager is always here to help. If you need any assistance setting up an exam, or have questions about the best ways to communicate with students, please reach out to your dedicated client success manager for help. Together, we can make it easy to introduce online proctoring into your course.