5 Tips for Online Test-Taking Success


How can you deliver the best test-taking experience? By ensuring your test-takers are prepared for exam day.

Take the stress out of exam day by sharing these tips with your test-takers!

1. Check Exam Rules
To limit possible confusion on exam day, test-takers should review exam rules prior to starting their exam. This way, they’ll be aware of what is permitted in their proctoring session. Some of the most frequent — and important — ground rules include refraining from talking and using headphones, remaining seated for the duration of the exam, and understanding the class’s guidelines for test etiquette (e.g., are breaks allowed? are internet searches permissible?). These guidelines will often vary from class to class.

2. Prep The Test Area
Remind your test-takers to find an isolated, quiet space for testing. Since many test-takers are in a shared space, do recommend that they close their door and post a note for any roommates, friends, or family to know that they shouldn’t be disturbed. In addition, workspaces should be clear and phones should be put away. Finally, always check that computers are connected to a power source.

3. Use a Hardwired Internet Connection
Though WiFi is always convenient, a direct connection is best. If your test-takers can hardwire their computer to the internet, they’ll have a stronger connection during their exam, ensuring minimal interruptions and a consistent test-taking experience. Remind them that roommates and family members should avoid activities that will monopolize internet bandwidth, like streaming videos or gaming.

4. Test Computer Systems
Do your test-takers have the appropriate technology in place to take an online exam? Remind your test-takers to run a computer system requirements check in advance of exam day. (A systems check is always available on the Examity dashboard.) Within a few seconds, they’ll know if their computer is exam-ready!

5. Rest Easy
Exam day can often be rife with stress for test-takers. Remind them to relax, take their time, and go to bed early the night prior.Remember, if additional help is needed, our support team is always available 24/7/365 via live chat, email ([email protected]), and by calling 855-EXAMITY.

It takes a commitment to security and support to make online learning work. With these tips, you can help take the stress out of exam day and help ensure that test-takers focus on what’s important: acing the test.