Building a Successful Testing Experience: 5 Points to Consider


As you consider test delivery options in 2021, you’ll want to evaluate the service profile, not just the security profile, of potential assessment providers. While security is, of course, important, it is the service profile that will help put your test-takers in a position to demonstrate their best work on the exam. 

Here are five critical components to consider in establishing an effective, secure and standardized test-taker experience:
1. Communication
2. Preparation
3. Support
4. Process
5. Transparency

1. Communication
Remember, for many, online testing is still a new experience, and questions may arise before, during, and after the exam. Think proactively about how you can provide clear, consistent, and timely communication to your test-takers to better ensure a successful online exam rollout. For example, consider:
   • What mediums are best to connect with your test-takers?
   • Do your users respond best to written guides, videos, powerpoints, or something else?
   • Are these communication materials available to them at all times?

TIP: Inform your test-takers about online exams and proctoring as soon as they register for your program. This prevents surprises down the road at test time.

 2. Preparation
Preparation can curb issues on exam day and make test-takers more comfortable leading up to the assessment. Some things to help users prepare include:
   • Clear requirements, so the test-taker knows what is needed for check-in.
   • A list of necessities for their testing environment, including what is and is not permitted.
   • Clear rules regarding system hardware and software requirements.

TIP: Consider opportunities for candidates to check their system in advance, or better yet, employ practice exams so they can get familiar with the testing process.

3. Support
Establishing support channels to address concerns immediately can be a difference-maker in the overall user experience. We’ve found that test-takers most often need assistance with:
  • Troubleshooting webcams.
  • Setting up microphones.
  • Checking internet connectivity.

At Examity, we’ve made a point of providing help 24/7 across email, phone, and live chat. This way, test-takers always have access to our team through whatever channel is the easiest and most convenient for them.

TIP: If your students have questions about online proctoring in general, point them to our overview, where we outline our processes and exactly what we do.

 4. Process
A smooth exam day process is important to setting up your test-takers for success. With exam day jitters, the last thing students want is to feel confused or lost while navigating into the test session. Keep your processes simple and straightforward to prevent adding additional stress. Points to consider are:
  • How long will the test-taker wait, on average, before reaching a live proctor or starting the exam?
  • Is there flexibility in place for students that require accommodations?
  • Do test-takers only work with one proctor, or is a hand-off involved?
  • Are there hidden wait times between authentication and the exam launch?

TIP: Share our demo videos with your test-takers, so they can get a walkthrough of the entire process early. Plus, they can reference them whenever they need a refresher.

5. Transparency
The market is rife with misinformation around how test-taker data is collected and is used in online testing, making it even more important to prioritize transparency in your procedures. Ask questions of your partners, such as: 
  • What are their processes around storing personally identifiable information?
  • How long is the data stored, and where?
  • What initiatives are in place to strengthen their approach to security? 

TIP: Review your provider’s commitment to IMS, NCCA, and ANSI.

In today’s increasingly digital world, it is critical to not only ensure the integrity of your exam, but also that of your brand. You can do this by working to create a superior test-taker experience. If you have questions about how to approach your programs in 2021, or about how Examity can help to protect your reputation, contact us at [email protected], or via phone at 855-EXAMITY.