Examity gives students the opportunity to take their exam wherever and whenever it’s convenient for them.

Taking the ACCUPLACER/TSI Exam with Examity


Did you know that students can take their ACCUPLACER exam with Examity? As the approved online proctoring provider for the College Board’s ACCUPLACER test, Examity gives students the opportunity to take their exam wherever and whenever it’s convenient for them. 

Unsure of where to start? We’ve included some information that we hope you’ll find useful, including important websites, resources and guides, FAQs, and contact details.  

Exam Registration
If you are a test administrator, please visit our dedicated ACCUPLACER Website. Here, you will find all of the information you need to make Examity available for your students. 

For students taking the ACCUPLACER exam with Examity, a great place to begin is on our ACCUPLACER Student Page. Here, they can find information on how to get started, computer requirements, guidelines, scheduling information, and more. We also offer a Student Guide and a Video Tour.

Frequently Asked Questions
We know you likely have follow-up questions, and we definitely have answers. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of your most common inquiries for administrators and test-takers:  

  • Administrator FAQs can be found on our ACCUPLACER FAQ Page and features answers concerning important topics, such as scheduling, costs, and test-taker support.
  • Student FAQs are located at the bottom of our ACCUPLACER Student Page and focus on the items most important to test-takers, including vouchers, exam results, and technical requirements. 

Contact Examity
If you don’t see your question listed in our FAQs, or just need additional help, please visit our ACCUPLACER Contact Page. Click on the link that applies to you (administrator or test-taker) and fill out the form. We will get back to you shortly with the help you need. 

We hope that you find these resources to be useful. Examity is proud to offer ACCUPLACER and TSI testing opportunities; we are dedicated to making the test-taking process easy, accessible, and secure.