How Examity Set Up Tarrant County College Students for Success


Examity is committed to creating a positive and seamless test-taking experience, supporting students throughout their entire testing journey so that they can be successful. How do we achieve this?

Our flexible online proctoring solution can be tailored to fit every student’s needs. Examity’s solution allows students to take their exams whenever is most convenient for them, and from anywhere in the world. And, students don’t have to wait to take an exam – they can usually schedule with Examity on-demand. 

In addition to our flexibility, our commitment to student support is unmatched. Our live proctoring solutions not only mean superior exam security, but high-level, live support and guidance by an expertly-trained proctor: our proctors are college-educated, possess exceptional communication and technical skills, and are comprehensively trained in empathy, test-taker service and support, and proctoring. 

These factors, and more, are why Tarrant County College chose to partner with Examity. With the need for remote assessments after the pandemic hit, Tarrant County College (TCC) turned to Examity to protect the test integrity of their Texas Success Initiative Assessment 2 exam, part of a series of placement tests in the ACCUPLACER program. As a result, we were able to help provide the school with a smooth transition to fully online learning and achieve a new level of flexibility for their diverse population of students.

You can read more about how the decision was made, and what the future holds for TCC, by reading the case study. Please fill out the form to learn more and receive the TCC case study.