Getting Started: Examity for ACCUPLACER


Looking to expand your ACCUPLACER testing? You’re not alone! Over 700 institutions have chosen to offer their ACCUPLACER tests remotely through Examity. Students value the flexibility, cost savings, and convenience of online testing. And, administrators appreciate the scalability. 

As an approved online proctoring vendor for College Board’s ACCUPLACER assessments, what makes Examity truly unique? 


  • Examity offers the lowest student-to-proctor ratio for superior support and test integrity.
  • Expert administrative support: Our experienced Client Success Managers will ensure a smooth testing experience.
  • Ease of use! After proctoring over 150,000 ACCUPLACER exams in 2021, Examity has proven to deliver a seamless experience.

Ready to get started? Here’s what you need to know:
Examity offers two proctoring solutions for the ACCUPLACER exams: Live Proctoring and Automated Proctoring with Examity Review

Live Proctoring

Live Proctoring is our most secure offering, using a human proctor to support the entire testing session starting with ID authentication. 

Our Live Proctoring option provides:

  • Real-time support – Examity’s technically-skilled proctors will provide real-time support throughout the entire exam, resulting in higher student success. 
  • Low-proctor ratio Examity has the lowest student-to-proctor ratio in the industry. With our low-proctor ratio, our proctors can truly focus on the students, giving each one individualized attention and contributing to a positive and secure exam experience. 
  • Live ID authentication – The proctor will conduct live authentication of the student in order to fully verify that the correct student is taking the exam. The proctor will also ask the student to perform a 360° room and desk sweep to ensure that no unauthorized materials are present in the student’s testing environment.

Automated Proctoring with Examity Review

Automated Proctoring with Examity Review offers the affordability of automated proctoring while also including a human audit to save administrators time.

Automated Proctoring with Examity Review provides:

  • Automated authentication   Before their exam, the student will go through a multi-factored automated authentication procedure, which includes ID and facial verification along with answering a challenge question.
  • Automated proctoring – This technology has the ability to record the student’s environment and computer screen, and flags any suspicious behaviors or rule violations.
  • Human review by Examity auditor – Our extensively-trained auditors provide a second set of eyes and an additional layer of security, thoroughly reviewing the entire testing session and saving you from hours of time from having to view the full exam. 
  • A testing experience without the use of biometrics – We don’t use biometric analysis. We rely on human decision making from our proctors and auditors to make accurate assessments and determine the best courses of action.

All students also have access to our global support team, which operates 24/7 to support every student and can be reached via live chat, phone, or email. 

The prices for both of these proctoring options, and frequently asked questions regarding using Examity for your ACCUPLACER exams, can be found on our ACCUPLACER Administrator Q&A page.

Excited to start administering ACCUPLACER exams with Examity? The process to begin is simple and seamless.

  1. First, please visit this page and fill out the form to sign up for administering your ACCUPLACER exams with Examity. 
  2. After submitting the form, your institution will be registered into our system. 
  3. Examity will then email you instructions on how to activate your account so that you are able to access the Examity dashboard.
  4. Then, you’re all set! Your students can now take their ACCUPLACER assessments with us.

If you have any inquiries, please contact [email protected]. You will be assisted by our team members or Senior Client Success Manager Lisa Martini, our ACCUPLACER expert since 2014.

We hope that you found this information for administering remote ACCUPLACER assessments with Examity useful. For additional resources, please refer to the Resources section of our ACCUPLACER page.

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