Best of Both Worlds: Online Proctoring and Test Centers


The administration of professional exams has gone through some significant changes in recent years, as exam sponsors have moved to incorporate online testing. The good news is that moving your exams online has never been easier or more secure. Think of it as a suitable and convenient alternative that meets test-takers where they are. What’s more, accrediting bodies such as the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) have recently begun to review and accredit programs that use live remote proctoring as a delivery method. 

Online proctoring has been around for many years and has some unique advantages. These benefits can be summed up in three areas: convenience, security and support. 

Providing a user-friendly environment is one key way to ensure a good test-taker experience. Online proctoring provides plenty of exam session availability, since tests can be  scheduled 24/7 with no lengthy commutes or limited days or times to take a test. At Examity, your users are not limited to a specific day or in a specific location. Working with us means you can grow your program without the need to locate seats for your test-takers.

Best of all, exams can be taken wherever test-takers want, while using their own, familiar equipment. Therefore, online proctoring gives test-takers the opportunity to perform their best, and there is no technical disadvantage when compared to an in-person proctoring center.  

Security is crucial for protecting the integrity of an exam. By testing in a remote environment, you’re able to take advantage of few test-takers per proctor, which is comparable, or even better than the experience a student would have in an exam hall. Thus, whether you administer exams online or in-person, you can rest easy and know that all activity is being monitored either during or post-exam.

There are also special tools and capabilities that online testing can utilize. With online proctoring, there is video of each individual test-taker and their screen. This is similar to the overhead cameras installed to overlook the exam center from above. Plus, Examity offers post-exam audits of sessions to make sure that all questionable behavior was flagged and reported appropriately. Additionally, test sponsors have the option of using a browser lock, which prevents test-takers from copying, pasting, or printing test materials. It automatically closes any additional browser tabs or windows that are open. This ensures that test content is protected whether the exam is being taken at home or in a center. 

Fast and helpful technical support can be crucial on test day, which is why we provide the best support team in the industry. That’s because each of our team members are required to go through a comprehensive training program, as well as meet comprehensive, rigorous requirements prior to being added to the team. These prerequisites include, but are not limited to: prior experience with online exams, advanced technical understanding, and refined communication skills. Our technically-trained proctors can help with any issues that may arise in real time, and are available 24/7 via chat, email, or phone. The proctor who the test-taker is introduced to at the beginning of their registration is the same proctor who is with them throughout the entire exam process. 

Not only is real-time tech support important when taking an exam, but ensuring all test-taker accommodations are met is equally imperative. When testing online, It is easy to add special accommodations for specific test-takers. From extra time to assistive technology requirements, administrators can add unique accommodations with just a few clicks. Proctors are also informed of accomodations in advance of testing sessions, and are specially-trained to assist them appropriately, if necessary. 

You should feel confident that online proctoring is a convenient and secure approach to protecting test integrity, or an option that can be used in tandem with your test center network. To learn more about how we can help you build online proctoring into your current program, please contact us at 855-EXAMITY, or by filling out our form