The room where it happens: Examity’s new Waiting Room enhancement


At Examity, we are always improving our platform to make the testing experience smoother and more secure, and to better serve all our users. This is why we are excited to announce our newest product enhancement for our proctored exams: the Waiting Room.

Taking place after the screen is shared and before accessing the test driver, the Waiting Room provides a secure place for the test-taker to reside while waiting for their proctor. During this brief period, test-takers are informed of the estimated wait time and any updates about their appointment. Exam content remains secure as access is protected until the proctor has connected.

We created the Waiting Room to enhance:

Exam security

The Waiting Room prevents the test-taker from accessing the testing platform without a proctor present. Once the test-taker completes the authentication process with their proctor, the proctor will then direct them to the exam page.


This Waiting Room provides clear communication to the test-taker on what is expected of them and the next steps of the exam process.


The Waiting Room allows for more flexible exam set-ups and formats, such as exams using Secure Browser or paper and pencil exams.

We implemented the Waiting Room to also help create a positive test-taking experience, which is one of Examity’s top priorities. This feature improves the testing experience by:

Providing an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the Examity platform

Test-takers will be presented with a tutorial on learning the Examity sidebar, and they will have more time to explore its features prior to their exam.

Preparing them for the exam process

The Waiting Room lets the test-taker know which exam they are taking, the duration of the exam, and what to expect for the exam process. 

Reducing test-taker anxiety

By clearly communicating to the test-taker what actions are expected and what is further needed for their exam, the Waiting Room helps lessen test-taker anxiety.

When test-takers are in the Waiting Room, they will be shown a variety of important information, including:

  • The exam appointment ID
  • The expected wait time for proctor arrival
  • The exam’s details, including the name and duration
  • Instructive content that communicates important pieces of contextual information that the test-taker will need, and prepares them for the possible additional security steps their proctor may require of them 

If you would like more information about the new Waiting Room, please download this PDF, or contact our team today.