Setting Up Your Profile

This guide will focus on the process of creating a new account or updating a new profile with Examity

I need an accommodation, what do I do?

If you need any accommodations for your testing experience contact your instructor or program contact and they will coordinate with Examity to set up any approved accommodations.

What kind of identification do I need to provide?

Most schools or programs accept a driver’s license or other government-issued photo ID. Check with your school or program for the exact requirements.

Can I update my information later?

If updating your profile information is allowed by your school or program then you can do so my clicking on the profile after you have logged into your Examity account. In some instances this information may be locked, in which case you should reach out to your school or program for assistance with changing this data.

Add or Update Information

The first step in creating a profile is adding in your personal info. If this information has already been submitted by your school or institution you should verify its accuracy.
1. Verify the accuracy of the information already added to the form. If there are empty fields fill them out accurately.
2. Once all fields have been entered click the “Next” button to continue to the next step.

Upload a Photo

Next you will be required to add a photo. This will come in the form of a selfie or a photo of the specific photo identification card required by your school or institution.

1. If you are taking a photo of an identification card make sure it is the correct ID.
2. Click the “Open Camera” button to launch the camera pop-up.
3. Hold up your ID to the camera, or position your face in the middle of the frame.
4. Click the “Take Photo” button.
5. You will be shown the photo you just took in the photo pop-up. Please make sure it is well lit and in focus. If it is not click the “Retake Photo” button to take a different photo.
6. Click the “Submit Photo” button. If you wish to go back you can click the “Use a different image” link on the page.
7. Once you are satisfied with your photo click the “Next” button to continue to the next step.

Adding Your Challenge Questions

Some exams will require a challenge question. You will need to select three challenge questions and add their corresponding answers.
1. Click the “Select a question” dropdown and select a challenge question.
2. Type your answer to the selected question in the answer field.
3. Repeat these steps for each challenge question presented on the page.
4. Once you have selected and answered your challenge questions click the “Complete Profile Setup” button to complete your profile.

Final Steps and Performing a System Check

Congratulations! Your profile is complete. Examity recommends now performing a system check to ensure that your device will be capable of testing with Examity. If you have already performed a system check or if this is not the device you will be testing on you can skip to the Exam Dashboard. You can access the system check from the Dashboard at any time. For guides on how to use the Examity App click here.

1.If you haven’t performed a system check and this is the device you will be testing on click the “Check if Your System Meets Examity Requirements” button.
2. If you have already performed a system check or this is not the device you will be testing on click the “Skip To Exams Dashboard” button.