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Rules Matter: How to Implement Effective Exam Rules


Recorded July 2021

Clear. Concise. Consistent. The exam has been written. You’ve successfully created questions that are both effective and challenging. Now it’s time to develop the exam rules. During this training webinar, Examity reviewed some of our most effective strategies and tactics to construct your rules, hitting on all three!

One of the most important characteristics that test-takers value is clarity. The best way to provide this is through practical exam rules that make it easy to understand what is, and is not, allowed. Avoid confusion by making the rules as clear as possible. One way to do this is to group together the list of rules for each part of the exam (pre-exam, exam, post-exam).

The second attribute aimed at test-taker success is to be concise. Be direct. Less is more. In order to keep the test-taker’s attention, it is crucial that you convey your messages as concisely as possible.

Test-takers also look for consistency to know what to expect both now and in the future. When possible, try to create and stick to the same set of rules. This builds expectations about what is and is not permitted during exams.

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