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Do Test Scores Differ by Proctor Type During a Pandemic?


March 9th at 12PM ET

Cindy James, Department Chair, Counselling, Academic Support & Assessment (CASA) and Principal Assessment Centre Coordinator, Thompson Rivers University

Margaret Greenfield, VP of Business Development, Examity

Online proctoring is designed to be as effective as In-Person proctoring but research validating this assumption is limited. To address the gap, a study comparing exam scores of candidates testing In-Person and Online was conducted at a public, open access university. The study involved 918 candidates who wrote English and/or mathematics tests during the pandemic, with 561 proctored in-person and 357 proctored online via Examity. During this webinar, the methods, results and possible explanations of the findings from this study will be presented by Dr. James.

At the end of the presentation, an open discuss about this study and its implications will be facilitated by Margaret Greenfield from Examity, a leader in online proctoring. Join us for this webinar on March 9th at 12PM ET to find out.