Assessment Technologies and Public Sector Trust in 2023


Trust us when we tell you that, when it comes to online proctoring, there is nothing more important than, well, trust. But, how do you earn it, especially in the public sector? 

Working with governments and public sector organisations worldwide remains a central point of focus for Examity’s international strategy. In last year’s UK’s Civil Service World report, five areas of trust were identified, namely:

  1. The reputation of the supplier
  2. The social value of the supplier
  3. Existing relationships
  4. Diversity and inclusion
  5. Cost and value for money

Let’s dive deeper into why trust is so important. 

Why talk about trust?
The “Trust Survey,” was written with Dodds and the Crown’s Commercial Service in the UK and included the responses of 430 civil servants. The results were clear and surprising.   It was found that commercial partners are the least trustworthy to do business with (in the supply chain). Also, 40% of all civil service procurement is for technology.  Misalignment of organisational objectives, culture, and contracts are often to blame in the procurement process. What can we draw from our own observations and lessons learned since 2013 working with governments internationally?

Jim Holm, Examity’s CEO, briefly unpicks each of these areas and how they relate to Examity’s experience since it was established. More specifically, focusing on scalable live-proctored high-stakes projects for public sector organisations, whether they aree government agencies, education organisations, or semi-governmental bodies.

Whilst we offer both automated and live proctoring under one single contract, Examity is best known as a market leader for live, human proctoring, with 24/7 exam access and support. We have a reputation amongst our suppliers and clients, who have partnered with us for over 5 years, that we will continue to deliver value, even in the toughest of conditions. We have the case studies and the references to prove it. If you are a public sector organisation that wants proof and evidence, please contact us by using this form.

Social value
The main social value of online assessment is global access to education and training, as well as delivering hard-to-reach access in rural areas. We also feel that there is an argument for reducing the carbon footprint of organisations and helping them towards achieving the United Nations’ sustainable development goals (SDGs). This is a point of discussion that we would like your views on, including research input, or output you may want to collaborate with us on. Please reach out to us at [email protected]

Existing relationships
We have had the honour of working under agreements or framework agreements from governments and public sector organisations in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia and Ireland. Demonstrating a track record with verifiable case studies, testimonials and projects in the public eye is so fundamental to what we do, and how we are held accountable for jointly agreed success measures from the outset, written in black and white in our contracts. As a few examples, we have signed agreements with the US Department for Transport, the British Council and the UK’s Crown Commercial Service, the Procurement Office of the Government of the Republic of Ireland, and Germany’s prestigious Goethe Institute. We shouldn’t omit, of course, our technology partners who also have fantastic track records in public sectors around the world. See our partners page.

Diversity and inclusion
In addition to assessment integrity and cybersecurity, diversity and inclusion are always front of mind. Without these factors, we are unable to deliver an accountable technology service.  Whilst we are a relatively young company in the grand scheme of things, we do make sure that we are aligned in theory and in practice with our government or public sector stakeholders.  Diversity and inclusion matter not just at an institutional level, but also at a user experience level. Being mindful of this at all times ensures that we are aligned and can make quick adjustments if we are not in one jurisdiction or another. All our policies for public sector partners and clients around the world are transparent and are published online here.

Working with governments and public sector organisations around the world is so fundamental to what we do, as is the trust which all our institutional relationships are based on. Our long-term aim is to continue to earn that trust by demonstrating valuable projects for governments and the people they serve. We will continue to underpin that trust in our company culture with humanity, empathy and kindness.

–  Jim Holm, CEO.

Cost and value for money
We believe that 4 economic principles prevail at all times:

  1. We are competitive in the global marketplace for live/human proctoring with the lowest candidate-to-proctor ratio in the sector, preserving high quality assurance while also delivering unparalleled service in real-time
  2. We can consistently deliver and demonstrate economic efficiencies for large scale assessment strategies and projects
  3. We believe that pricing is important, yes, but it is more powerful and meaningful when combined with value enhanced by the human touch
  4. We believe that online assessment is an excellent way to export national public sector programmes, qualifications or certifications in a secure way

Please contact us to talk about your online assessment needs or how we can engage more effectively with your procurement process.

Mark Woodcock
Director, Examity International
+44 (0) 788 60 90 645
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