Why Slack Partnered With Examity To Help Build Their Credentialing Program Online


Online certifications have become an integral tool for organizations, giving their employees the opportunity to gain more knowledge and skills and to thrive in their roles.

Collaboration hub, Slack, believes in developing their employees, which is why they offer career-advancing certifications and badges. With a constant focus on the future and a strong desire to maximize technological efficiencies, they knew that they needed to build an online first-class credentialing program, and they realized that online proctoring was the key. But, what kind of partner could offer something so seamless that it would not disrupt their employees and could exceed their expectations? Fortunately, a partner like that existed: Examity.

How did they make this choice? When finding the right online proctoring partner, Slack needed to ensure that their privacy needs were being met. They were confident that Examity had this ability due to our strong commitment to both privacy and security. In fact, we are SOC 2 Type II certified, which solidifies our dedication to security and confidentiality for our clients and their employees.

Along with Examity’s adherence to protecting our customers’ data, Slack knew that our modifiable and flexible solution, which could be tailored and adapted as needed, would mean a satisfying testing experience for their employees. Slack was particularly keen on our automated proctoring option, which provided a non-intrusive experience. In addition, one of the advantages of partnering with Examity is our ability to adjust the test-taker’s requirements. During the pandemic, it was difficult for people to renew their IDs. This option provided Slack with a way to accept expired IDs, which kept the process moving. 

Our ability to meet capacity and scalability needs was another reason Slack chose to collaborate with us: Examity would be able to support Slack’s credentialing program as it continued to progress. Our flexibility with test driver integrations and workflows, our robust partnership network, our global proctoring team, and our high levels of support meant that we could support large-scale organizations’ testing programs efficiently, even as they grew.

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