Why Professional Organizations Choose Examity


Every test is a stepping stone towards a brighter future. By taking an exam, a test-taker is working towards bettering their life, and Examity takes our role in that very seriously. Which is why we seek to make an impact – not just for every organization we work with, but also, for every test-taker. Because of this approach, many organizations have achieved success when partnering with us. 

What exactly makes Examity successful in the professional space? Let’s first take a look at the pillars of customer needs and how Examity is able to address, and exceed, them:

1. Relationships and our human-centric approach
At Examity, our relationship with our customers plays an integral role, and we strive to build trust with every client. We are truly a people-first organization – from the interactions we have with clients on a day-to-day basis, to our proctors and support team, to every team member at Examity. Our human-centric approach drives positive outcomes in our online remote proctoring solutions.

2. Test security
Our clients are trusted brands, therefore, the integrity of the tests they issue must be protected. Our live proctoring solutions offer the highest levels of security, using a live proctor to monitor the testing session and include a thorough review by our auditing team. Live proctoring ensures that every test and its contents are protected.

3. Overall candidate experience
Creating a positive test-taker experience is also a crucial component of Examity’s mission. A negative test-taking experience impacts both the test-taker and the organization. We place great importance on making the testing process as smooth and seamless as possible to help test-takers succeed, which, in turn, helps maintain an organization’s reputation.

4. Integration ability
We don’t offer just one specific solution. Our ability to integrate with many different types of platforms allows clients to pick the variables of a test delivery solution that make the most sense from their perspective. They can choose which platform the exam will be delivered through, the type of delivery method, and more.

5. Flexibility
The professional market includes various types of organizations, from certification providers, to licensure organizations, to IT software providers, which is why online proctoring cannot be one-size-fits-all. We’re able to provide proctoring at different levels of security, and our partnerships enable us to offer a variety of services. We give our customers the flexibility to choose what makes the most sense for their testing program.

Here is what else makes Examity thrive in the professional market:

• Our partnerships and service
We consider ourselves to be a true partner to our clients, not just another vendor. Providing superior service to our clients and their test-takers is key to developing a strong and successful relationship. Our client success managers and test-taker support team are there every step of the way.

• Our proctoring team
Our proctoring team consists of over 1,000 proctors spanning across the globe. Examity’s proctors are college-educated, possess advanced technical and communication skills, and receive rigorous training. This includes customer support and service training, training in the proctoring process, and security training. Because of their comprehensive backgrounds and skills, proctors can directly provide exceptional support to test-takers.

• Our low-proctor ratio
In order for our proctors to be able to provide attentive and individualized service to every test-taker, we make sure to achieve a low test-taker-to-proctor ratio. In fact, it is the lowest in the industry. Due to our low-proctor ratio, our proctors can focus entirely on each test-taker, giving them the best support and service they can provide, while also fully protecting the security of every exam.

Examity is the premier online proctoring provider. Our services, support, processes, and mission make us stand out and contribute to the success of our clients’ testing programs. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help boost your program, contact us today. 

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