When Your Sole Focus is Online Proctoring, You Learn How to Be the Best at It


Examity is the leading online proctoring provider whose sole and direct focus is online proctoring. By staying true to our mission of offering the world’s leading online proctoring solution and using innovative, human-centric and support-driven approaches while advancing our products to their fullest capacities, we continue to enhance our field of expertise and offer the most flexible and secure proctoring solutions possible.  

Let’s explore how our sole focus on online proctoring and our extensive partner network make this happen, and what they let us offer:

True flexibility

With Examity’s approach, we give you the freedom and flexibility to choose what you want, and need, for your program. Our services and our partnerships allow us to be truly flexible, letting you mix and match best-in-class services and technologies to fit your program’s specific needs. If you want to remove, add, or substitute a different test driver, test item development program, learning management system, or any specific technology, platform, or service at any point, you can do so with Examity.

Not only that, but you can choose from four entirely unique proctoring modalities that can be customized for your test delivery process. You’re also not limited to just one modality: For example, you can use an automated solution for your lower-stakes assessments and one of our live solutions for your higher-stakes exams. And, you have the freedom and flexibility to change and update the modalities at any time as your program grows and matures.


Security and support

As a true online proctoring provider, we can concentrate on perfecting our features and services that matter most in the online proctoring space. Examity is a global leader in security with a commitment to protecting test integrity. One way which we demonstrate this is through our live solutions, which use college-educated, technologically-apt human proctors to monitor and review exams. Most of our proctoring offerings also include a formal audit, which is conducted by our auditing team and performed after an exam is finished. The auditing team thoroughly reviews the entire exam process, providing an added layer of security. In general, we’re always enhancing our solutions to make them as secure as possible while upholding exceptional security practices.

In addition to test security, Examity strongly believes that your test-takers’ experiences are at the heart of everything a true online proctoring solution must provide. As such, we continue our mission to be the best-in-class provider of test-taker support and services. Our low test-taker-to-proctor ratio is a great example of this. Examity has the lowest test-taker-to-proctor ratio in the industry, with one proctor monitoring, on average, one to two test-takers. One proctor observing a low number of test-takers means that the proctor can pay greater attention and provide superior support to them, without losing sight and compromising the security of other tests in progress. Additionally, every test-taker has access to our 24/7 international test-taker support team via live chat, phone, or email.

Innovations and product advancements

Because of our sole focus on online proctoring, we can specialize in innovating the online proctoring space. Our industry-low test-taker-to-proctor ratio and our Live Authentication + Audit offering are innovative approaches that are entirely unique to Examity. And, as innovators, we are continuously working towards advancing and enhancing our products and services to create seamless testing experiences. Some of our latest product advancements include our comprehensive Examity Sidebar, new product names, and our ambient system check. The ambient system check automatically runs when the test-taker enters the Examity dashboard and determines if their computer meets our testing requirements, ensuring a smoother and more secure test-taking experience. 

As a leader in online proctoring, and the only online proctoring provider whose focus is solely on online proctoring, Examity is one piece of a vast test delivery offering. We’re proud to play our role as the online proctoring solution in that offering, and we’re dedicated to being a fundamental piece within it while continuing to improve our services. If you’re eager to start using Examity for your organization’s exams, fill out the form, or reach out to us today.

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