We’re focusing on getting in touch with many Canadian higher education institutions, as well as corporations. The consistent themes I am hearing from them are around flexibility and integrity for their online exams.



Malcolm Knox
Director of Business Development

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What’s Next for the Canadian Online Proctoring Industry?

Ask the Expert

Online testing is burgeoning in North America as organizations continue to modify their programs to reach more test-takers. Director of Business Development Malcolm Knox, along with other Examity team members based in Canada, are focused on creating a positive and seamless testing experience for Canadian test-takers. While they’re improving the test-taker journey, they’re also helping Examity’s partners and clients successfully grow their programs.  

How do Canada’s online proctoring needs differ from those in other regions?
Canadian organizations and test-takers have brought up issues regarding the use of AI in online proctoring. While Examity uses AI in our products, we greatly limit its use. What I like about Examity is that we understand how important it is for test-takers to connect to human beings during the online proctored exam process. So, we use a human-centric approach to online proctoring. Data storage is also crucial in Canada. We have strict federal and provincial laws about where data is stored, and the data we collect has to reside in Canada. 

How can Examity complement the unique qualities of Canada’s online proctoring needs?
Although Canada’s online proctoring needs are not much different than any other country, we do have a French test-taking experience, since both English and French are Canada’s official languages. Besides that, more and more organizations are suffering from security and data breaches, so it’s important that Examity maintains and evolves our extremely high security standards in this regard. I think that this is best represented by the role of Shari Lewison, who takes responsibility for these aspects at the board level. Internally, Examity upholds our security standards by having new employees go through extensive privacy and security training, and our devices are very secure. 

What is Examity doing to help facilitate the growth of the Canadian online proctoring industry?
Having more of a Canadian-dedicated team can help us contribute to the growth of Canada’s online proctoring industry and support Canadian test-takers. At Examity, I am responsible for focusing on the Canadian market, and I work for Margaret Greenfield, who’s also in Canada. We have other staff members physically in Canada as well. So, we have leadership here. Our Canadian-dedicated team and the data center located here allow us to meet the privacy and accessibility requirements for every province. 

What are your expectations for Canada’s online proctoring market as the world comes out of the COVID era? 
Coming out of COVID, I think that organizations will use online exams to reach more individuals that can’t test in person. And, as online proctoring becomes more prevalent and the new normal, there will be more of a desire for these organizations to try and reach people who aren’t in the greater city areas. For example, a test-taker in Northern Ontario who wants to take a real estate exam can choose an institution in downtown Toronto because they can still take the course online. Overall, I think that online proctoring will play a large part in reaching test-takers and making programs more cost-effective and accessible for them. 

What is your team focusing on next?
We’re focusing on getting in touch with many Canadian higher education institutions, as well as corporations. The consistent themes I am hearing from them are around flexibility and integrity for their online exams. Organizations have seen how online proctoring came to the fore during COVID, and I predict that they will take on board plans to deliver a more flexible testing experience at a lower cost, while also maintaining the security and integrity of the exam process. We’re also focusing on helping grow our partners’ and clients’ programs and making them successful. 

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