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What We Learned: ATP 2022


Examity had the pleasure of attending and presenting at ATP’s Innovations in Testing 2022. The event was held in Orlando, Florida and brought together industry thought leaders who are passionate about driving innovation. Throughout the four days, we learned a great deal about where online proctoring is heading and what concerns are top of mind throughout the industry. Here is a snapshot.

Two of the main themes at ATP 2022 were accessibility and accommodations. This was evident in the multiple sessions that focused on diversity, inclusion, and equity, and why they are so important. It was clear that participants all shared the same goal to ensure that everyone has a fair testing experience. The industry as a whole needs to do a better job at improving accessibility and accommodations, especially as online proctoring has become more of the norm. 

Another hot topic at ATP was security. This isn’t a surprise, considering that protecting the integrity of exams is always top of mind for instructors and administrators. Specifically, proxy test-taking was the largest security concern at this year’s conference. There is a general feeling that this type of cheating is on the rise due to the increased use of online testing. However, proxy test-taking is not an online proctoring problem, but, in general, a test delivery problem. 

One concerning trend is that proxy testers are using social media more and more to solicit test-takers. They are looking to get hired as professional test-takers. To combat this, solutions and best practices were shared throughout the conference, so that organizations can better detect proxies and prevent them.  

At Examity, we’re making sure to combat proxy test-taking and ensuring the utmost security of exams. We perform extensive background checks for all of our employees and routinely monitor them. Onsite training and a progressive certification process of our proctors is provided by us, and all employees sign a code of conduct, which includes civil and criminal penalties for breach. Proctors are assigned exams using an automated dynamic assignment process. Therefore, proctors will not be aware of the test-taker’s information ahead of the test-taker’s arrival for their exam appointment. Not only that: all exams are recorded, and the actions of proctors are thoroughly reviewed by our auditing team. Any unnecessary actions from proctors during an exam session are identified, and corrective action is taken immediately.

Examity is strongly positioned to help your organization with accessibility, accommodations, and security. Our solution provides the best-in-class testing environment for all test-takers, no matter what their needs are, and our industry-leading security practices ensure the integrity and safety of your exams. 

Share your takeaways from ATP 2022 with us, and find out how Examity can apply them to your online proctoring approach. Chat with us via email at [email protected], or over the phone at 855-EXAMITY.