What We Learned: ATP 2021


Recently, testing professionals gathered for ATP’s 2021 Innovations in Testing virtual conference. Several sessions during the conference focused on changes in testing over the past year, as well as how we will move forward in a post-COVID world. . Examity was proud to sponsor and take part in the conference. If you were an attendee, you can access all recordings here.

• 2021 & Beyond
Our biggest takeaway from the Innovations conference is that testing professionals need to continue to adapt to the impact of the pandemic in 2021, and that includes partnering with trusted vendors. Nothing highlighted this more than “Predicting the Future: What Will My Program Look Like in the Post-Pandemic, New Normal?”, a discussion around how COVID has impacted the assessment industry and how to best adapt your program in the post-pandemic world.  

• Customization
Different groups have different requirements when it comes to online proctoring. The needs of high stakes test sponsors and credentialing programs are unique from that of higher education. Beyond that, every program has specific requirements when it comes to exam integrity. Testing professionals need a solution that caters to their unique needs, rather than a “one size fits all” solution. Further, test sponsors need a provider that grows with them and provides options for meeting the broader needs of their test takers. That’s why Examity was built to scale and offers four unique proctoring levels, from automated through to live, so you get exactly what you need for your program. 

• Partnership
In addition to customization, organizations are seeking a partner, not just a vendor. They want to collaborate with an industry thought leader who remains on the cutting edge of trends, offering the latest technology and deep insights into their market. Additionally, test sponsors want to learn and connect with their partner and be able to brainstorm new ideas with them. Examity works with clients to develop creative solutions to their proctoring needs. 

• Empathy
Though people generally think of empathy as a human feeling, it is actually something that can be built into technology and processes. It helps create a smooth, positive experience for the end user. That’s why it’s important that while crafting any processes or technology, an open line of communication is created and maintained with users, so the UX team can focus on the user needs and experience. In the session, Remotely Proctored Exams: The Human Side, the panel discussed what testing programs can do to mitigate unintended stressors during the remote, test-administration process. At Examity, we care about the test-takers’ entire testing experience. That’s why we offer 24/7 email, chat, and phone support for test-takers, so they can get the help they need when and how they need it. We also compile extensive FAQs and best practices for both administrators and candidates, so users can set proper expectations well in advance of exam day. 

• Hybrid Testing Model
2020 taught us how quickly things can change. That’s why many test sponsors are now looking at adopting a hybrid model, meaning that they’re interested in giving their candidates options to test in-person or remotely. In the session, The Current State of Multi-Modal Testing: Trends, Research, and Considerations, presenters spoke about how professional organizations want an online proctoring provider that can complement this and give candidates a level of choice, providing a seamless, secure experience for all users. Examity already works with organizations providing this dual option and we would be delighted to speak with you about how we can support your test takers as well.  Our team –  from account management and business development to integrations – is trained to help provide the best experience possible for you and your test takers. 

What are you looking for in a testing provider? Reach out to the Examity team today and learn more about how we can meet your proctoring requirements. Chat with us over the phone at 855-EXAMITY, or contact us at https://www.examity.com/admin-contact/