Examity delivers on its reputation for best-in-class service and test security. Our team of experts provides consultative support to administrators, instructors, and test-takers to ensure their online proctoring experience is optimized.

Margaret Greenfield
Vice President, Business Development

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What Makes Examity the Best Online Proctoring Solution for Your Institution?

Ask the Expert

Margaret Greenfield, Vice President of Business Development at Examity, brings her perspective on Examity’s proven leadership and online proctoring’s significance in the education space. Examity’s online proctoring solutions have benefited educational institutions worldwide. And, we aim to always provide the highest-quality support to students, instructors, and administrators.

More and more educational institutions and instructors are switching to remote exams and utilizing online proctoring for those exams. What makes Examity an online proctoring leader in the education sector?
Examity knows higher education institutions have diverse testing needs that require a flexible and configurable online proctoring solution. Even within the same course, there may be a variety of high and low-stakes assessments utilizing different technologies or applications. With that in mind, Examity uniquely supports almost all testing scenarios through our configurable platform and wide range of proctoring solutions. Examity is the only provider offering fully automated through to fully live online proctoring that is configurable on a test-by-test basis.  

It is important that an online proctoring provider supports not only instructors, but students as well. How does Examity set up students for success?
Examity enables students’ success by delivering a seamless and accessible testing experience. Our solution works with a wide array of devices, including Chromebooks, and does not require any downloads. Examity’s UX designers have made sure that each step of our process is clear and intuitive to test-takers. And, if expert assistance is needed, Examity’s support team is available 24/7/365 via chat, email, and phone. Additionally, Examity is committed to transparency in order to ensure test-takers are comfortable and educated about their proctoring session. Beyond the privacy information and FAQs available on our website, Examity partners with our clients to deliver training and information materials to ensure all questions are answered ahead of test day.

How does Examity meet the needs of instructors and administrators?
Examity offers unmatched consultative support for administrators and instructors. Our configurable and flexible solutions allow Examity to tailor the proctoring experience to the needs of institutions and courses. Examity’s Client Success Team seeks to understand the goals of instructors and administrators and then provides expert advice to ensure a smooth and scalable experience. Our library of resources are there to empower administrators to share best practices and easy-to-digest guides with instructors and test-takers.

How has Examity expanded its reach in the education space?
Examity delivers on its reputation for best-in-class service and test security. Our team of experts provides consultative support to administrators, instructors, and test-takers to ensure their online proctoring experience is optimized. We know online proctoring is not one-size-fits-all, so our configurable solution can tailor the proctoring experience to the unique needs of each exam. Additionally, because Examity has an unmatched team of proctors and auditors, we offer live online proctoring and auditing at scale. By delivering the lowest student-to-proctor ratio, we ensure test-taker success! Our proctors provide focused support for IT troubleshooting, enforcement of unique rules (for example, erasing whiteboards), and real-time intervention. Together, we provide a supportive and secure testing experience ideal for complex and high-stakes exams.  

What does the future look like for online proctoring in education?
Online proctoring will continue to be a staple in higher education, because it is an option that will always serve some students better than an in-person format. The ability to test in a comfortable setting at a convenient time and without travel has improved access to testing. Additionally, studies have shown that test results are not impacted by the delivery model – online versus in-person. With that in mind, I believe higher education will move away from the cohort model, and allow students to test in the format of their choosing – in-person or online. 

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