What is Online Proctoring?


If your organization or institution has made the switch from in person to online exams, you may have heard of the term “online proctoring.” Online proctoring is when a remote exam is monitored by either technology or a live person virtually. Having your exam monitored may seem concerning, but it’s anything but. Taking an online proctored exam is just like taking one in person, but with more benefits. Not only can online proctored exams be safer and more secure than in person ones, but they give you the freedom to test at your own convenience.

Examity is an online proctoring provider that provides 24/7 scheduling and support for online exams. We offer four different proctoring modalities, or offerings, that your test administrator can use for their exams.


Examity’s online proctoring options
There are two types of online proctoring: automated and live. Automated proctoring uses technology to monitor the testing session, while a human observes an exam during a live proctoring session. Examity utilizes a flagging system to pinpoint certain activity during an exam. Either our automated proctoring technology or a live proctor will flag activities, potential violations, and technical issues that occur so that your exam’s administrator can review them after the exam is completed. For most of our solutions, human auditors will then perform a formal audit to ensure the accuracy of the flags. They will also flag any other unusual activity or potential violations that were missed by the proctor.


Let’s look deeper into our automated and live solutions.


Automated solutions
We offer two automated solutions, Automated and Automated + Audit. An Automated exam session begins with an automated authentication process. Then, the exam will be monitored by our automated proctoring technology, which records the session and administers flags, if necessary. Automated + Audit not only includes all of the same features that Automated has, but also has a human touch – a formal audit conducted by Examity’s auditing team after the exam is completed. Our auditing team will provide a comprehensive review of the authentication process, the exam, and flags raised for your exam’s administrator.


Live solutions
Our live solutions use a live proctor to monitor either certain parts of the exam or the entire testing session. Live Authentication + Audit uses a live proctor for thorough identity verification of the test-taker, authenticating their testing environment, and for reviewing the exam. Live Proctoring is our most secure testing experience, using a live proctor to monitor the entire exam, including the authentication process, from start to finish.


Hybrid model
When an organization uses a hybrid approach, it means that you can choose to take your exam either in person or remotely. You may use pencil and paper for an exam in person while someone, like a professor or an in-person proctor, monitors you. Or, you may take an online proctored exam on a computer in a testing center or classroom.


Benefits of online proctoring

There are numerous benefits to taking an online proctored exam instead of having to take an exam in person. When taking an online proctored exam, you can:

Take an exam anywhere
You’ll no longer have to spend hours of valuable time driving to a physical location to take  an exam. With an online proctoring provider like Examity, you can test from anywhere in the world, even in the comfort of your own home.


Schedule an exam immediately
In person testing locations typically only operate within business hours. Examity offers 24/7 scheduling, so you can schedule and take an exam whenever it suits you best. With Examity, you can typically schedule an exam right away, without having to wait weeks or months to take it.


Use accommodations
Examity is strongly focused on accessibility, ensuring equitable access for all test-takers. It’s easy to request accommodations with us, and test administrators can add any accommodation to an exam, whether automated or live.


Save time and money
Ultimately, online proctored exams save you time and are more cost-effective than in person exams. You can take your exam in privacy, save money on gas for your car or public transportation, and not have to spend hours getting to, and taking, an exam. A secure testing experience can be done with just a few clicks.


How to get started with Examity

Are you taking an exam with us? Make sure that you perform these steps before your exam:

Download Google Chrome, and turn off your pop-up and ad blockers.

Use a laptop, personal computer, or a Chromebook that has a built-in or external webcam, built-in or external microphone, and built-in or external speakers.

Check to see that your internet connection has a required upload and download speed of at least 2Mbps.

Create your profile with Examity, and upload a valid government-issued photo ID.

After creating your profile, go to the exam dashboard. A system check will automatically be performed to determine that you can test with us.

On the dashboard, you can start your exam, or schedule one that uses one of our live solutions.

Then, you’re all set, and ready to take your exam!


We hope that this was helpful, and that your testing experience will be smooth and successful. If you have any questions, or want to learn more, reach out to us today. Or, you can fill out the form.

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