What Is Examity’s True Live Proctoring Experience?


Every online proctoring provider has their own distinctive approach when it comes to live proctoring. This process uses a human proctor to observe one part of an online exam or the entire exam itself. Either way, human oversight makes online proctoring more secure, more supportive, and more personable. 

Examity’s Live Proctoring solution is our most secure, one-of-a-kind solution, using a human proctor to monitor the exam session from start to finish. Then, after the exam is completed, our auditing team completes a thorough review of the exam to validate results before notifying clients of potential violations.

One part of what we call “The Examity Difference” is our true live proctoring experience that includes our low test-taker-to-proctor ratio. This means that the test-taker will receive a more tailored testing experience and that the support our proctors deliver is unmatched. 

Let’s discover what makes true live proctoring so valuable, and how Examity’s live proctoring experience ensures a smooth and secure exam process.

What is true live proctoring?

True live proctoring involves the proctor building a relationship with the test-taker, guiding them through the exam, and providing them with superior support. That way, the proctor can give the test-taker the best possible testing experience, while also delivering high-level security.


What makes Examity’s live proctoring unique?

Our best-in-class, live proctoring solution truly stands out from the rest due to these features:

One proctor throughout the entire exam
Examity uses one proctor throughout the whole exam process starting from ID authentication, and the proctor is never absent. Using only one proctor contributes to a seamless testing experience – more than one proctor can cause disruption, negatively impacting the test-taking process. One proctor staying with the test-taker throughout the complete duration of the exam is crucial to creating a truly positive exam experience, without interruption. 

Our low-proctor ratio
To create a true live proctoring experience, Examity utilizes a low-proctor ratio. Due to our low-proctor ratio, the proctor can deliver individualized, dedicated support throughout the exam and when test-takers need it most. And, there is no delay – the proctor can assist the test-takers immediately, because they only have to focus on a small number of test-takers, making it easy for them to give prompt and efficient support. Our proctors are also technically-trained, college-educated, and undergo a rigorous training process. Their background and skills allow them to give superior support to test-takers while ensuring the utmost security of every exam.

Our human-centric approach
True live proctoring emphasizes Examity’s human-forward approach: We believe in using real people during the exam process to apply genuine, human decision making. Our highly-skilled proctors will pick up what automated technology can’t, using their own judgment to determine if their intervention during a testing session is needed. Then, after the test-taker has finished the exam, our auditing team will perform a comprehensive review of the whole session, making sure that any instance of unusual activity is caught and flagged appropriately.


What are the risks of not using true live proctoring?

There are significant disadvantages when true live proctoring is not used for exams, which can lead to an unfavorable test-taking experience:

Slower response time and less capacity for real-time intervention
A major risk of not having a true live proctoring experience is delayed intervention. In high-ratio proctoring situations, AI is often trusted to notify proctors of unusual events.  With those models, the proctor often may not be available to intervene when notified, or the suspicious event may have passed by the time they are able to focus on the test-taker in question. True live proctoring prevents this issue by delivering real-time support and intervention.

Less ability to support customized rules or instructions
If a test sponsor is using customized rules for their exam, the proctor may experience difficulty implementing them without the use of true live proctoring, which can create issues with the security and integrity of the exam.


Overall, not using true, live, low-ratio proctoring leads to a lower-quality testing experience. True live proctoring is crucial to test-taker satisfaction, fully ensuring the ultimate exam security and protection of test integrity. 

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