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Tipping Points and Tripping Points: Juggling Security, Access, and Equity in an Evolving Landscape


Recorded September 2022

Moderator: Rachel Schoenig – Chief Science Officer, Examity & CEO, Cornerstone Strategies

Testing programs are facing more regulatory and public scrutiny today than ever before. Effectively juggling evolving data privacy regulations, information security standards, exam security needs, and increased expectations around diversity, equity, and inclusion requires our industry to challenge long-standing practices and to think creatively about the intersection of these issues. Failure to do so can create tipping points and tripping points when it comes to public perception, legal regulations, and litigation.

Together, we will explore the intersection of security, privacy, access, and diversity, discuss areas where we are seeing tipping points in public sentiment or legislative interest, and identify tripping points to avoid. Through polls and other online tools, we will engage attendees and learn from expert panelists in an important industry-wide conversation. We hope you can join us for this insightful webinar.