An auditor starts off the process by making sure that the test-taker followed the rules, worked with any special instructions provided by the test sponsor, and were only using materials specifically approved by the test sponsor during the exam.

Nancy Kunz & Vinay Amidala

Quality Assurance & Customer Excellence Managers

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Taking a Second Look at Examity’s Auditing Team

Ask the Expert

Nancy Kunz and Vinay Amidala are both highly skilled in quality assurance and operations management. They have extensive experience working closely with all of Examity’s clients, with the goal of exceeding their expectations. Both Nancy and Vinay oversee our auditing team, who work diligently to provide a thorough audit of every exam. Below, they explore our auditing team, the importance of exam audits, and what’s in store for their team’s future. 

Who are Examity’s auditors, and what skills do they possess?
Examity’s auditors are employees who have excelled at proctoring exams. The majority of them are former proctors, so they have deep knowledge and experience about Examity’s proctoring style. Proctors can only apply to become auditors after having proctored hundreds of exams and achieving exceptional results. 

Auditors are fantastic at multitasking and have a strong attention to detail. They also possess excellent written and verbal skills, and, like proctors, they endure a comprehensive training process.

Can you describe what a typical work day looks like for a member of your team?
Auditors are given a daily assignment of proctored exams, which can be either automated or live. They thoroughly review exam recordings, making sure that any unusual test-taker activity and technical issues are accurately flagged and time-stamped. Auditors strive to perform an audit of every exam assigned to them within 48 hours, and our team works 24/7 to ensure that we are meeting the needs of every client. 

What is the auditing process like?
An auditor starts off the process by making sure that the test-taker followed the rules, worked with any special instructions provided by the test sponsor, and were only using materials specifically approved by the test sponsor during the exam. Auditors also fully verify that the correct test-taker was taking the exam by confirming that they showed the right ID during identity verification.

Then, auditors analyze the video recording of the exam to confirm that the flags raised by the proctor were accurate, and identify any other activity that needs to be flagged. In addition, they will document the time in the recording that every flag occurred. That way, test sponsors can easily jump to the time in the recording of the flagged incident. Finally, they confirm that the exam was submitted correctly and that the test-taker completed any post-exam instructions.

What makes your team and its services top-notch?
Our proctors don’t miss much, but if they do, our team of experienced auditors act as a second line of defense. They perform a complete review of the entire testing process, comparing notes with the proctor and sharing comments and information with the client success manager when necessary. Once the auditor is satisfied that everything has been noted and flagged accurately, the video recording of the exam becomes available for test sponsors to review in the Examity portal.

Why is an audit important to the exam process?
While proctors monitor exams in real-time, auditors focus on catching the smaller details. They provide an extensive review of every exam, and let test sponsors know if suspicious behavior or technical issues took place during the testing process. Our flagging system and time-stamped comments also save test sponsors countless hours from having to review exam recordings in their entirety.

Internally, the auditing process acts as quality assurance across several areas. For example, auditors will observe a proctor’s performance to ensure that they receive any necessary coaching or re-training on a process. Auditors are often the first to identify any technical issues in Examity’s platform that might be happening, and they’re able to see trends in the testing process. They provide feedback and suggestions to our  development team on ways to improve the process and product. This helps Examity create a better, easier, and more seamless overall test-taking experience.

What’s next for your team?
One of our team’s main objectives is to enhance our flagging system and to create a more streamlined process for clients when red flags, or cheating, are reported. For our team members, we are working on creating more formal career path progressions and giving auditors more opportunities to move into leadership or supervisory roles.

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