One of the primary reasons that online testing is so cost-effective is because it removes the need for physical locations and operations that are required for in person testing.

Nick Malone
Chief Financial Officer

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Switching to Online Exams: Save Money, Increase Test-taker Satisfaction, and More

Ask the Expert

More organizations and institutions are offering remote testing options for test-takers due to increasingly high demand. Nick Malone, Chief Financial Officer at Examity, provides an insider’s view into the world of online testing. He discusses the financial benefits of remote exams for both organizations and test-takers, gives insight about our operations, and voices what he envisions the futures of Examity and the remote testing landscape will hold.

How does your team ensure that Examity’s operations, and our entire organization, run smoothly?
My team includes the global operations and delivery teams at Examity. Everyone on my team is incredibly talented, with extensive expertise in operational excellence, including IT operations, security, privacy, and efficiencies. Their work is integral in ensuring that everything runs smoothly by managing the infrastructure, support teams, and systems which all support our customers and our test-takers.  

How do test-takers benefit financially from taking their exams online rather than in person?
Test-takers are able to save money by taking their exams remotely. They save on transportation costs, such as gas for their car or public transportation tickets. Taking online exams can also eliminate considerable in-person-related fees, like physical textbooks, school supplies, and room and board. In addition to financial benefits, remote assessments also advantage test-takers in many other ways, including allowing greater flexibility by giving test-takers the ability to test anywhere and anytime. This saves test-takers hours of valuable time from having to travel to a physical location or to wait to take an exam – with Examity’s 24/7 scheduling, a test-taker can schedule a test immediately at a time that is most convenient for them. Not only that, but they can also take their exam in complete privacy, and, for test-takers with accessibility needs, remote testing provides greater access to accommodations

Why is remote testing such a cost-effective solution for organizations? 
One of the primary reasons that online testing is so cost-effective is because it removes the need for physical locations and operations that are required for in person testing. These can be very expensive to build out and keep up, so it’s beneficial for organizations to no longer have to take physical costs into consideration. Online testing can take place anywhere in the world, and the infrastructure costs for organizations are low, making it easier for them to scale up at a lower cost. Additionally, it can sometimes be cheaper for organizations to administer their exams remotely instead of in person. For example, in person exams may require spending large amounts of money on supplies or expensive equipment, which are not needed when administering online exams.

What, in your opinion, is Examity’s most important key metric?
Examity looks at a multitude of key metrics, many of which are customer and test-taker focused.  Some of the important ones include time to launch a test, test completion rates, and customer and test-taker satisfaction scores. Another crucial metric of ours is the wait time for a test-taker to connect to a proctor: Examity’s wait time for test-taker connection to a proctor is the lowest in the industry, averaging 30-50 seconds or less.

Where do you see the future of Examity going?
Examity is in an exciting global market! We expect to continue to grow both our customer base and the number of tests provided, and our team will keep evolving with the ever-changing environment. We’re ready and prepared to scale as our customer base grows. 

Why is online testing here to stay? Do you think that more organizations will start using remote testing? 
Online testing is here to stay based on the flexibility, security, cost savings, and accommodation adaptability that will continue to attract customers and their test-takers. So, organizations will continue to need and want to provide their test-takers with the option to test online.   

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