Surpass Assessment and Examity

A partnership presented between Examity and Surpass Assessement to provide a full package solution. Develop and deliver your online exams to guarantee exam integrity with support for you and your test-takers each step of the way.

Expand your reach and real-time control with this efficient and cost-effective solution.

A seamless solution for a complicated world

What you get with Examity:

  • Live, scalable, and flexible online proctoring
  • An industry low test-taker-to-proctor ratio with
    the shortest wait times
  • IT trained and college-educated proctors

What you get with Surpass Assessment:

  • World Class Item banking and Test Delivery with Rich items and Media
  • Connect to your ecosystem with robust APIs
  • Streamline SME Management using Review Tasks
  • Access to the Surpass Community – opportunities to connect directly with experts like you.
  • Over $10 million investment in a leading end-to-end technology platform with user experience at its core

Learn more about our proud partnership with Surpass Assessement and how we guarantee exam integrity