“The Examity team was and continues to be incredibly supportive. I feel I have the best of both worlds: personal and career-wise.”

Summy Kataria

Client Success Manager

Summy Kataria

Employee Spotlight

How long have you worked at Examity? 
Since May of 2017.

What work do you do here, and why do you find it gratifying?
I support all Asia-Pacific accounts for Examity, and I’m also a team lead for some of our auditors, managing 13 individuals. 

I joined Examity shortly after becoming a mother. When I started at Examity, I was understandably anxious about balancing my new roles as a colleague and mom. The Examity team was and continues to be incredibly supportive. I feel I have the best of both worlds: personal and career-wise. I’ve always been very proud to be an Examity employee, and it is that pride that pushes me to consistently give 100%.

Why do you love working with your colleagues?
That’s my favorite part: the team. Every single person is hardworking and understanding. If you need help, the team is always there for you. I think of my colleagues like a dream team!

What was the biggest unexpected challenge you faced when first starting with Examity?
I was one of the earlier remote employees for Examity, and this was also the first job where I worked in a remote capacity in general. Remote work can take some getting used to, however, my colleagues really helped and supported me as I found my rhythm. I have never felt like I was not a part of the team. 

What advice do you have for prospective Examity employees?
If working with amazing people and getting to learn something new daily is your calling, Examity is the place for you. I take great pride in representing this company everywhere I go. This is an organization that takes care of its employees and clients equally. 

Fun fact your colleagues might not know about you.
I used to play a lot of pranks during college and when I worked in a physical office, especially with new employees, but it was all harmless fun of course. 

When I’m not at Examity, I’m probably _____.
Volunteering with, mentoring, and coaching underprivileged students. My dream is to create volunteering labs in schools and corporate settings. I often say that if everyone gave just an hour per month to this type of work, we’d have an incredible impact on our society.