Security, Flexibility, and More: Why Online Testing Leader Questionmark Partnered With Examity


The pandemic propelled the online testing industry. No longer were physical test centers an option for taking proctored exams, and at that time, organizations had to rapidly switch their testing programs online. They soon found out that making the switch to online testing was for the better, because it gave them the convenience and flexibility needed to expand their testing programs and create easy and smooth testing experiences. 

Questionmark, providing a secure enterprise-grade assessment platform and professional services to leading organizations around the world, knew this. When the pandemic hit, the demand for online solutions hit an all-time high. Being already a well-established leader in the online testing space long before the pandemic, Questionmark had the expertise of delivering online solutions that were secure, cost-effective, and flexible, and so, instead, focused on scaling their business. It was critical to keep expanding on their partner relationships to ensure they were delivering to as many clients as possible. To do this, Questionmark sought out partnerships with leading assessment delivery companies like Examity.  

How was this choice made?
Examity’s flexible, 24/7 online proctoring was key for Questionmark, who knew they could offer organizations the ability to deliver certification assessments and other tests to candidates at times and places that best suited them. And, tests could usually be scheduled and taken on demand, so candidates wouldn’t have to wait weeks or months to take their assessments. This level of flexibility and convenience is absolutely critical in the fast-paced and busy technology industry. Questionmark knew that choosing Examity would mean exceeding their customers’ needs.

Examity offered both convenience and security for Questionmark and their clients.  Organizations wouldn’t have to worry about the wrong candidates obtaining important certifications, which could risk the validity of the credentials they were issuing. Questionmark was confident that their clients’ testing programs would be provided with the best exam security possible due to Examity’s live solutions. Our live solutions use human proctors to closely monitor tests, and then, after every exam is finished, our auditing team provides a thorough audit of the entire exam process. The efficacy of the credentials Questionmark’s clients were issuing would be fully protected.

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