We’re not going back to
in-person assessments. Examity worked to ensure we felt confident with exam integrity while identifying cost savings in the move online. We have even received fewer complaints from test-takers than we would normally get [with a traditional in-hall exam]. 

Richard Charnock,
Chief Operating Officer

Accelerating Change: New Approaches to Exam Integrity for the Pandemic Era and Beyond

Founded in 1999, the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) is the voice of the recruitment industry in the UK. In delivering approximately 2,000 vocational awards per year, REC administers four exam series that serve approximately 1,200 students and professionals. REC had conducted solely traditional in-person examinations prior to 2020, but had long been considering the change to digital proctoring. The pandemic sped up their transition, and they partnered with Examity to reach their online proctoring goals. Examity maintained the test integrity they needed while also providing significant cost savings. Because of this, REC decided to keep expanding their online proctoring in 2021 and beyond.

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