I love the diversity we have at Examity! Our employees are from all over the world and have different levels of expertise.

Rahul Kulkarni

Senior Engineer II

Rahul Kulkarni

Employee Spotlight

How long have you worked at Examity?
I’ve been working at Examity since Day 1. So, since 2013.

What is your role at Examity, and why do you find it gratifying?
I work as an Exam Security Team Lead/Lead Software Engineer, and I develop and
test applications. I find my work gratifying because, first of all, it’s very engaging. There are plenty of opportunities to solve new and interesting problems with every sprint that comes my way! I can also regularly work on projects which directly enhance a test-taker’s proctoring experience. And, I get to work with a highly-talented engineering team that jumps on every opportunity to make Examity’s products better.

Why do you love working with your colleagues?
I love the diversity we have at Examity! Our employees are from all over the world, and have different levels of expertise. This mixture of people is what makes Examity such a nice place to work, and a great place to grow personally and professionally. I enjoy collaborating with my colleagues towards a universal goal.

What have you learned since starting with Examity?
I have learned a lot about learning management systems, the EdTech industry, and integration processes. On a more personal level, I’ve learned how to communicate with teams spanning across different regions and cultures. 

What advice do you have for prospective Examity employees?
Examity is a very flexible and inclusive place to work. Don’t be afraid to ask for anything that you need to make your work life better. And, as a developer, there is a diverse set of technologies that we use in our applications, so be as flexible as possible when learning new tools and systems. 

 Fun fact your colleagues might not know about you.
I can speak three languages, and I like to cook!

When I’m not at Examity, I’m probably___.
…teaching, or spending time with my family.